Capsule House

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CreatorKaejunni & Seerlight
Project nameCapsule House
Launch dateAugust 2021
Max Supply10,000
Floor price0.109
Price currencyETH
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The Complete Guide to Capsule House NFT Collection

Welcome to the complete guide of the Japanese Gachapon toy style NFT’s – Capsule House

This collection is beyond fresh and the attention to detail, artwork and team efforts make this collection one of the best. 

Created by Kaejunni and Seerlight, there are 10,000 NFT’s that have been made with over 100 species and 60 variants. 

Following this algorithmic system, each NFT can stand out and be rare in its unique way. 

These NFT’s are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

All of their roadmap to date has been fulfilled. 

The team have managed to complete everything they set out to with hard achievements such as verification on Opensea, becoming listed on Rarity tools, releasing a puzzle style game for the community to win prizes such as NFT’s and finally, selling out the original collection! 

Impressive stuff, the creators and community deserve all the recognition they are receiving.

Although you cannot Mint any new NFT’s from the Capsule House collection, there is a huge marketplace on Opensea and Rarity tools for you to browse and find what you are looking for. 

As all are Minted, the price will vary depending on the rarity but there is a great room to roam around and find the perfect NFT from the Capsule House collection that you are looking for!

The art in a mass has a futuristic, time-warped feel to the collection and the theme is consistent throughout their website, Nft’s, social channels and moderately over everything they do. 

You get zoned and sucked into the utopia that is presented from the artistic output.

What are Capsule House NFT’s?

Capsule house NFT’s are cute Anime style ‘people’ living inside a pill-shaped capsule presumably flying through the Metaverse with the starry and grid-like background. 

The background reminds me of the matrix. 

This NFT collection looks like we’re peaking through a digital time-warped dimension and has a combined Matrix, Avatar, Naruto and Tetris feel to it which is what I believe makes this magnificent collection stand out and succeed.

From the 10,000 Minted NFT’s there are 100 different species that all have their unique look, classifications and significance. 

From the 100 different species, these are mixed into the 60 variants across the board from Skin tone, Eyes, Clothing, Misc items, Capsule, Hair, Features, Etc… 

An example of a trait is what they call ‘Hacker’ which is a more rare style in which the Anime girl has a digital futuristic technological screen across her eyes and a sort of time traveller space suit. 

These different traits are truly creative and stunning to look at. 

I’d suggest you have a browse yourself through Opensea to understand and witness the depth of the Capsule House NFT collection.

Below we will go more into depth on the specific traits, the value and rarity of all of this and give you a much better, clear understanding.

What are Capsule House Traits?

Capsule House has some pretty impressive numbers historically when it comes to what people are paying for these NFT’s! 

The Capsule House collection, individually, is going from on average around $500 up to what has been sold recently for just over $4,000. 

The reason they differ in price is because of these elaborate traits each Capsule House NFT possesses. 

Traits are anything from the skin tone, jewels, more and more. 

Why was one recently sold for over $4000? 

Each trait carries a rarity as the NFT is randomly selected upon mint from a pool of traits. 

This one in particular had the rarest traits. 

What were those traits? 

This NFT had, to name a few, a ‘Pig’ Zodiac, ‘Great white shark’ Variant, ‘Anger’ Emote, ‘Duel hearts’ Mythic and more to name but that was a summary to give you an idea! 

Each NFT does carry different traits like the one above, however, the rarity all depends on the supply and scarcity of the particular trait and also the rarity of each trait your NFT has will determine the final value.

How Does Trait Combination Impact Capsule House NFT Value?

Prices of the Capsule House NFT’s are directly a result of trait rarity. 

Now, you will get the anomalies in which price is moving without this, but in general terms, the rarity of the trait and the percentage between how many NFT’s have the trait / do not is what determines the price and why it differs. 

For instance, let’s compare two recently sold NFT’s of the Capsule House collection. 

Let’s look at #02920 compared to #09350

#02920 Sold for more than double the price that #09350 sold for. 

Now, to take a closer look at some of the traits, the less expensive NFT.

1. Chroma, Regal Cobalt = 2% Have this trait. 

2. Decorative, breakfast = 2% have this trait. 

3. Purity, augmented = 76% have this trait.

Now, to look at the same traits for the more expensive ones. 

1. Chroma, marmalade apricot = 1% have this trait. 

2. Decorative, cat = 2% have this trait. 

3. Purity, Augmented. 

From the first glance of these random 3 traits I have pulled from the NFT’s, there’s not much difference in percentage, but when you add all traits together you will get the true value of the NFT. 

The more traits you have with the least percentage shared with the other NFT’s from the collection the more valuable it is. 

Not every NFT will have multiple traits, but some will have a lot more than others. 

All of these unique elements are the ingredients ‘soup’ which determines and differentiates prices across the board.

How Can You Trade Capsule House NFT’s?

Capsule House NFT’s are available to buy at auction on the Opensea platform. 

If you have a Capsule House NFT or want to look into purchasing one, this is where you need to be!

Every single NFT from this collection has been Minted which means you will have to go this route just to obtain one. 

If you like the art, this is worth getting in my opinion. 

As minting has recently finished, Opensea is stacked full of Capsules waiting for you to have a pick at.

If you already own one and want to sell it, you can go ahead and list it on the Opensea marketplace, set a price and take bids for it. Depending on the traits of your NFT and the rarity will determine the price. 

Who knows, you may have the most desirable one without even knowing, only one way to find out!


Either way, rare or not you are fetching around $500 for your NFT as that’s the average price as of when this was written, could be less, could be more. 

Good luck!

What Was the Most Expensive Capsule House EVER?

To date, the most expensive Capsule House NFT was recently sold for $4,044 (1 Ethereum). 

Previously, the owner paid 0.239 Eth for this NFT before selling, which is a pretty nice profit if you ask me, just over 4x! 

Who knows where that may lead?! 

It is looking like these NFT’s are going up and up, and the selling war has only just begun.

We are consistently seeing NFT’s go for ridiculous prices so the #1 spot being 1 Eth value seems very reasonable compared to the tens of millions of fiat we are seeing flogged for these digital desirable art assets. 

Where Can I Find Capsule House For Sale?

As the result of all of the Capsule House NFT’s being minted, your only option is to buy directly or make people offers on open markets such as Opensea.

Currently, you can snatch up a Capsule House listed by sellers anywhere from 0.07 ETH going up to 69,696,696.950 ETH. 

There is a wide variety to choose from. 

Go and have a browse if you think this could be for you.

There is currently none below the floor price of 0.07 Eth at the time of writing this but that doesn’t mean it won’t change.

How Can I Buy Capsule House NFT’s?

Once you have found the Capsule House for you, either on rarible, super rare or Opensea, your next step is to purchase!

It’s very simple, you will need to have a metamask wallet and load it up with some Ethereum. 

Make sure you have enough Eth in there to cover NFT cost and also cover the cost of the gas fees.

Upon purchase, you can choose to pay full price with ‘Buy now or you can place a bid. 

Bidding is a handy option when it comes to either snatching up a good deal or asking for a fairer price if their price tag is a little over the market’s guidelines. 

Once you have purchased, your new Capsule House will have flown its way into your wallet and it’s now YOURS! It’s that easy.


Capsule House is an awe-inspiring staple in the creativity that goes into NFT’s. 

The simplicity carries depth and detail bringing the art to life. 

The Capsule House team have come exceedingly far with their community from day one and have pulled off impressive actions which a vast number of NFT projects try to pull off but fail, not even coming close.

Future prosperity is to be expected with their roadmap and things to come. 

The capsule theme is awesome, really is a lot you can do with it in art and the birth these creators gave to it is just great. 

If you like the art, what you hear and the project, go ahead and check them out on Opensea to buy your very own Capsule House NFT. Well worth it for the right price and purpose.


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