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Not all NFT aggregators are made equal, with some zeroing in on price-related datasets while others focus on the minutiae of NFT collections. Sites like this are great if you’re looking for very specific information, but they’re not always suitable for the casual NFT buyer.

This is where NFTGo comes in. NFTGo looks at the market in a much broader sense, taking in a much wider data set and looking at overall market trends while still trying to appeal to the seasoned NFT buyer. How does it fare? Let’s see.

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What’s the Use of NFTGo?

NFTGo’s creators state that their aim is to make the platform a “gateway to the NFT ecosystem”, allowing users to “discover, filter, purchase, and use NFTs at a more accessible threshold”. This translates as a rejection of more price-focused data analysis in favor of a more holistic approach, looking at the space with more of a macro view.

In practice, this means that visitors can see data on a wide variety of interesting metrics, including overall trading activity, market cap breakdowns, and whale activity to give a more bird’s-eye perspective of the market.

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What is NFTGo?

NFTGo aggregates, collects, and displays real-time information on NFT assets, including trading volume, floor prices, data on holders, market sentiment, and much more. The platform offers users a comprehensive understanding of NFT marketplace trends and allows them to optimize their NFT purchasing and investment choices through its data.

Unlike other NFT analytics sites that charge a fee for up to the second data, NFTGo proudly states on its website that it does not operate such a system “because we believe that all data on the chain comes from Web3 users, and therefore, we should keep this data open.” This noble gesture means that all the information on the NFTGo site is current for everyone, not just paying members.

NFTGo has several categories on its site for users to navigate through, with ‘analytics’ broken down into seven subcategories such as top sales, top mints, and marketplace data; ‘whales’ offering an insight into what the big players in the NFT space are buying, selling, and minting; a ‘research’ section which features blog posts reflecting the state of the market; and a ‘drops’ category outlining the latest NFTs to be introduced into the market.

Where other platforms are aimed at arming NFT buyers with the tools needed to bag an NFT at a few seconds’ notice, NFTGo has a more information and educational focus which is more suitable to most NFT fans.

How Can I Get NFTGo?

NFTGo is available from their site, and users should make sure they access it through this link or through typing the address in, not by clicking a link in a Google search. It’s also important to note that NFTGo is no affiliated in any way with an app of the same name in the Apple and Android app stores, which has been identified as being a scam:

NFTGo is completely free and has no premium membership models – all the data it collects and aggregates is free to all users. This is part of the NFTGo philosophy and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

What Will NFTGo Help Me With?

NFTGo is a great tool for those who want a more overall view of the NFT market, with some very interesting metrics analyzed and represented in a clear, easy to understand manner. The ability to see what whales are up to is particularly useful as this is often a good indicator of where the smart money is going.

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NFTGo has a great approach to NFT analytics and aggregation, with its open and free-for-everyone model being something that even the novice NFT buyer can take advantage of. The range of metrics analyzed is impressive and touches on areas not all other aggregators do, and it is particularly good at giving a single glance overview of the entire NFT market.


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