Ellipal Wallet Review


Ellipal is a secure, hardware-based digital wallet designed to store and protect cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can manage over 10,000 coins and tokens through the Ellipal Titan wallet.

90% overall rating

Ellipal Wallet Review Pros & Cons

+Isolated from the Internet for extra security
+Good screen size
+Supports over 10,000 tokens and coins
-Not compatible with desktop computers
-Cheap touchscreen

Just because you will not find the Ellipal wallet on all top lists dedicated to NFT wallets, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore this brand. On the contrary, this is an established option that has proven helpful to many users focused on NFT sales and purchases.

The company behind it was founded in 2018 by two experts in the field of encryption technology. They launched the Ellipal Titan mini wallet and the Ellipal Titan the next year. These are cold/hardware wallets created with the needs of NFT and crypto enthusiasts. Follow our in-depth Ellipal wallet review to discover the ins and outs of this solution.

Ellipal wallet

Honestly, there’s no perfect NFT wallet out there because users have different needs. The same goes for the Ellipal wallet, but in our opinion, there are more things that users like about it than the potential downsides of using it.

Ellipal Wallet Specifications

Type of NFT Wallet: Cold/Hardware

Market Place(s): 50+

Number of Currencies Supported: Over 10,000 coins and tokens

Security /Anonymity: Cold storage, seed phrase with a pass

Price: €129 ($139) for Ellipal Titan; €73 ($79) Ellipal Titan mini

Ellipal Wallet Features

As we said, Ellipal might not be the most popular NFT wallet on the market, but it’s definitely a rising star. It has many options and features that modern users expect to find in such a device. To avoid confusion, we will note that this is an Ellipal Titan review, so we will not consider the mini version’s performance. Still, most features are available in the mini variant.

Thanks to the Ellipal wallet, after your buing spree in some of the numerous NFT Marketplaces you can store NFTs off the grid (when you are not connected to the Internet). In this way, you get additional protection from hackers. One thing that makes this NFT wallet a good choice is the support of over 10,000 coins and tokens and over 50 blockchains.

This air-gripped cold wallet comes with a 4-inch touchscreen, which you can’t find in many other products of this kind. So, navigating through its options should be an easy task. However, we would like to see the responsiveness on the screen improved in future models.

Once again, we’ll highlight the presence of unlimited storage for coins and tokens. You don’t need to install coin apps to start buying, selling, or trading NFTs (or crypto).

Ellipal wallet air-gapped

Is Ellipal Wallet a Good Wallet for NFTs?

We tried the Ellipal wallet, and we can say that it’s a solid choice for NFTs. In addition to the features mentioned above, we will list a few other things supporting our claim.

First of all, we like its design; it makes you feel like you are holding a smartphone. Indeed, some competitors have launched smaller hardware wallets. Still, this one looks better. More importantly, comes with a bigger screen for a seamless NFT trading and storing experience.

Furthermore, it supports several languages besides English – Russian, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. There’s a specially designed Ellipal wallet app that users can pair with the wallet to keep their coins in cold storage. Remember that you can use multiple accounts on a single device.

As for the price, we can’t say it’s the cheapest. Still, the Ellipal wallet’s price can be described as reasonable, given the features and options that this device provides. Although you can’t use a standard desktop computer to use it, Ellipal lets users connect with Android or iOS-powered smartphones or tablets. There are apps for both operating systems. All it takes to establish a connection is to scan the QR code, so there’s no need for wi-fi, Bluetooth, or any other connection.

As we already mentioned, we would like to improve the touchscreen because sometimes you have to touch it several times to get what you need. Also, it might be a good idea to work on computer (laptop and desktop) compatibility. Still, even with these potential downsides, it’s a good solution for NFT owners.

Ellipal Wallet Security

According to many experts, this is where the Ellipal wallet shines. The security is taken to another level, thanks to Ellipal’s Titan. This is an air-gapped cold wallet wholly isolated from the Internet. Users don’t need NFC, wi-fi, USB, Bluetooth, or mobile data to access their assets. This means they are protected from cyber hacks, unauthorized access, malware, etc. Everything you need goes through QR scanning.

Furthermore, Ellipal includes a 2-factor authentication process with PIN entry and password entry. The level of security is increased thanks to the opportunity to use a gesture pin and numeric passwords. If the device notices tampering, it can activate an auto self-destruct feature, restoring it to the factory settings.

The creators provide regular firmware updates to ensure that users get the best experience. The good thing is that these are offline updates you can complete with the help of a micro SD card. Lastly, users can set up alternate accounts that display when the wallet is unlocked with an alternate password if they feel their device is compromised.

Ellipal wallet options

Ellipal Wallet Customer Service

If you encounter a problem while using the Ellipal NFT wallet or have questions, you can always visit the help center under the Support section on the Ellipal site’s homepage. We like how well-organized the questions and answers are. Additionally, a search function will lead you to the pages mentioning the keywords you are looking for.

Of course, as a professional company, Ellipal also has customer support agents you can reach in two ways. The first way is via email at [email protected]. You can ask questions about products, account help, shipping and returns, and orders; it will take less than a day to get an answer.

The other option is the live chat which is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6:30 pm (Singapore Standard Time). When this option is available, the customer care agents resolve issues in no more than an hour or two.

ContactAverage Answer time
Email[email protected]Less than 24 hours
PhoneN/A N/A
Live chat24/7Less than 1 hour
Social mediaN/AN/A

Ellipal Wallet Conclusion

With Ellipal Wallet, you have another excellent solution for keeping your NFTs safe. This cold wallet might not be cheap, but it provides everything you need to protect your NFT assets.

You can also trade, sell, and buy NFTs and crypto. It works offline and supports more than 10,000 coins and tokens and 50+ blockchains. In addition, it has professional and friendly customer support agents available via email and live chat. Now that you have finished reading our Ellipal wallet review, you know why we recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. Ellipal wallet is a cold/hardware wallet that doesn't require an internet connection to help players manage their NFTs.

You can manage over 10,000 coins and tokens through the Ellipal Titan wallet. This solution also supports over 50 blockchains. Remember that new coins and blockchains are added to the list regularly.

Yes. You can contact one of Ellipal's representatives via live chat, but only from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6:30 pm (Singapore Standard Time). Another option to get in touch is via email.


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