Grumpy Giraffe Gang

As each Grumpy Giraffe Gang NFT is minted, an algorithm will pull traits from the pool of available outcomes to create the Grumpy Giraffe. Read on to learn more about these goofy NFTs!

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Project nameGrump Giraffe Gang
Launch dateOctober 2021
Max supply10,000
Floor price0.032
Price currencyETH
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The complete guide to Grumpy Giraffe Gang

The Grumpy Giraffe Gang (GGG) NFT collection is 10,000 algorithmically generated digital avatars, stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Grumpy Giraffe is randomly processed from a pool of 11 categories with over 300 features and scaling rarity.

The team behind the collection are dedicated to creating a supportive community and using a portion of the money generated to help giraffe conservation efforts.

The GGG are available for minting right now through the website.

Grumpy Giraffe Gang description

A herd of 10,000 irritated giraffes grew tired of living their normal lives and began planning how to get out of the boring savannah they were bound to.

The herd debated for a long time until they decided to find a way to enter the “NFT space”.

After snatching a laptop from an unsuspecting human tourist, the herd of giraffes found a way to create a portal into the NFT space.

Now digital versions of themselves, the GGG started committing various crimes all over the NFT space.

The GGG soon discovered the Ethereum blockchain and wanted to get their hands on as much ETH as possible.

A rivalry sparked amongst the GGG.

This split the herd into giraffes who wanted control over the entire NFT space and giraffes who wanted to continue committing casual crimes.

Soon, there will be a showdown between the two factions. The winner of this battle will decide the future of the entire herd.

How are Grumpy Giraffe NFTs made?

The GGG collection are randomly generated 2D digital avatars of personified giraffes.

As each NFT is minted, an algorithm will pull traits from the pool of available outcomes to create the Grumpy Giraffe.

A rarity scale is also applied to the collection to make your NFT even more special, if you’re lucky!

By contributing to the collection, GGG owners can expect some pretty cool rewards.

After 20% of the collection has been minted, giveaways will happen every weekend for members of the GGG.

Also, 2ETH will be donated to one charity, as selected by their Discord community.

Free merchandise will be sent to 100 lucky winners after 40% of the collection has been minted.

This milestone also kick-starts the creation of the community-driven comic book.

4ETH will be donated to 1 charity, which will be selected by the community.

After 60% of the GGG collection has been minted, 100 more people will be selected to receive a piece of merchandise.

6ETH will then be donated to a charity of the community’s choice.

Once 80% of the collection has been minted, a GGG merchandise store will open for NFT owners to get their hands on customised pieces.

30% of each sale on the store will go towards a charity.

The team will donate 8ETH to a charity of the community’s choice at this stage too.

Once the entire collection has been minted, the GGG comic book will launch for members of the community.

10ETH will be donated to a charity and a new mystery collection will be announced.

As well as all these amazing incentives, the team is huge on supporting other NFT artists and creating a strong digital community.

The GGG also supports non-profit organisations who aim to reduce the amount of illegal hunting and poaching of giraffes in the wild.

How do I mint Grumpy Giraffe NFTs?

As the GGG are already live and ready to be minted, you can go straight to the GGG minting site and connect either a MetaMask wallet or scan the QR code with a WalletConnect-compatible digital ledger.

Once you have purchased enough Ethereum to begin the minting process, press the “Mint!” button to get your very own GGG NFT.

A small gas fee will also be applied to the transfer of the NFT from mint to your wallet.

How to buy Grumpy Giraffe NFTs

If you would like to purchase an already-minted GGG NFT, some of the collection is available on OpenSea.

As the minting process is ongoing, more owners may put their NFTs up for sale in this collection.

As time goes on, some of this collection may be put on sites like SuperRare or Rarible.


In summary, contributing to the GGG collection is a fantastic way to involve yourself with charitable work towards the conservation of giraffes.

By doing so, you’ll also get your hands on a stunning, and possibly quite rare, NFT for your collection.

Not only this, but you’ll also have access to their Discord community and the amazing features in their road map.

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