Kups NFTs

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Project nameKups
Launch dateTBA
Max supply5,555
Floor price1-1.5
Price currencySOL
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The complete guide to Kups

The Kups NFT collection is a run of 5,555 unique, pixel art digital avatars. 

If you drink tea, love pets and collecting NFTs, these will certainly appeal to you! 

After the collection has been released and minted, the team will launch an NFT-based play-to-earn puzzle game. 

Traits from millions of possible outcomes are algorithmically chosen when each NFT is minted.

Kups NFTs description

This NFT collection is light-hearted pixel art, aimed at lovers of tea, pets and crypto. 

The main theme of the NFTs is, as the name suggests, different cups with occasional friends and varied personality features. 

The artist remains working on the collection, more information will be released soon.

How are Kups NFTs made?

Each Kups NFT is randomly generated from an algorithm that will pull a selection of traits from a pool of variables. 

Having each NFT randomly generated means each one is slightly different, and in some cases, extremely rare! 

The Kups team are working on a NFT-based puzzle game that will incentivise minting and should cause all Kups to be minted quickly. 

After the minting process is complete, the puzzle game will still be playable and you will be able to earn rewards by playing it! 

By joining their Discord channel, you will have access to their contest and giveaway information. 

In their channel, admins have already conducted a classic invitation contest, in which users had the chance to win 6 Kups NFTs and 1.3 SOL amongst the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

Giveaways and collaborations with other NFT collections will be conducted on their Twitter page.

How do I mint Kups NFTs?

When Kups NFTs are ready to be minted, a MetaMask wallet should be able to connect to their website. 

Each mint of the collection will cost either 1 SOL or 0.05 ETH. 

After the minting of your Kups NFT has been completed, it will be transferred into your connected MetaMask wallet. 

A gas fee will also need to be charged from your account to transfer the NFT to your wallet, so make sure you have a little extra crypto in the tank to cover that fee!

How to buy Kups NFTs

If you are unable to mint part of the collection, the NFTs will most likely be displayed on OpenSea for purchase once the entire collection has been minted (keep an eye on their announcements for updates). 

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of the Kups during minting, you’ll be able to list them for sale on the NFT marketplace of your choice. 


In summary, the Kups NFT collection is a cute and quirky piece of art to add to your NFT collection! 

With their unique positioning into game development after minting is complete, there could be a good chance that these NFTs will be highly sought-after. 

Keep an eye on their website and social media platforms for updates on this cool collection!

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