My Crypto Elvis

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Project nameMy Crypto Elvis
Launch date11 November 2021
Max supply1,935
Floor price0.1
Price currencySOL
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My Crypto Elvis NFT Collection

A little less conversation, a little more action, please! 

My Crypto Elvis is a collection that has recently launched on the Solana blockchain with a supply of 1,935 NFT’s which are all unique and randomly generated. 

The roadmap has laid out some goals they want to achieve, the main purpose is that they are planning on launching merchandise, which gives me mixed feelings but personally I think the bucket hats look neat! 

Merchandise will consist of hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more. 

They also claim to donate a huge part of their physical and digital income back to charitable causes.

Besides Elvis, they are taking their current NFT blueprint and organising this setup for other celebrities for future releases. 

Are you ready to dive into the complete guide of My Crypto Elvis NFT Collection?


My Crypto Elvis NFT description

My Crypto Elvis NFT’s launched on the 11th of November with an original mint cost of 0.5 SOL. 

They regularly change the price for whitelisted members and charitable events as at this time I can see for 48H they have brought the price down from 0.5 to 0.1 Sol to support the Las Palmas Volcano tragedy that is currently going on, they then donate the money made from the minting process to this cause. 

I support this in every way. 

The supply, following the time frame period that Elvis was born, is made up of 1,935 NFT’s in the collection. 

These NFT’s are hand-drawn digitally and randomly and stylistically generated using an algorithm. 

My Crypto Elvis is growing in popularity with their Discord climbing to nearly 700 members. 

As it was recently created and launched, they are not doing too badly! 

People support and like what the creators of My Crypto Elvis NFT are doing.

How is My Crypto Elvis NFT’s made?

These NFT’s are hand-drawn on a computer using special software.

You can see on their homepage an example of how each NFT was conjured up using photoshop, with a clear illustration of how it was done. 

My Crypto Elvis is tokenized on the SOL blockchain. 

If you decide to Mint one of the NFT’s from their collection, the randomly generated process from the 1,935 collections will begin and generate you one of the NFT’s. 

The more that is produced, the less likely it is you will have a chance at the rarer or less widely available NFT’s from the collection, that is if they have already been owned by someone else of course. 

There is also a range of physical products which are going to be made once they have raised enough capital from the minting process of the digital NFT’s. 

These will be available to purchase later down the line.

How do I mint My Crypto Elvis NFT’s?

To begin with this easy process, firstly start by pressing the ‘Mint’ button on their homepage. 

This will redirect you and open up a new page where you can connect your wallet and start the minting process.

The wallets that My Crypto Elvis NFT’s can be connected to start minting are Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Sollet and Sollet Extension. 

Once you have connected your wallet, setting up wallet guides can be found easily online with a little search, you will need to load up some SOL. 

Once SOL is loaded on your wallet, make sure you have enough (0.5 – 0.1 SOL) to mint and also have enough for a small gas fee that will be taken during the minting process. 

How to buy My Crypto Elvis NFT’s

Currently, I do not believe that this project has got to the stage in which people have started listing their NFT’s from the collection to sell. 

When there is more traction, and presumably when the collection of 1935 NFT’s has been fully minted, you will be able to find My Crypto Elvis on platforms such as Opensea, Rarible and Super Rare. 

These are the go-to platforms with Opensea being the biggest, if you mint one, you can also list on here when available. 


Is this collection the KING of NFT’s? 

In my opinion, not yet, it still has a lot of growth to do but who knows what’s to come! 

The artwork is neat and humorous, which is always a big part of the popularity and success of an NFT collection.

The NFT collection as a whole stands out to me as something with potential, their community and social channels are growing at a nice pace, interest is there and the creators have a lot planned out for the future.

I like the physical aspect of releasing merchandise as well, it looks like there’s a lot of detail and planning that has come into setting it up and designing the NFT’s and physical side of things.

The website looks professional and well set up as a landing page, the only downfall is the scroll is a bit laggy on my end, not sure if that’s my problem or a program malfunction, that’s the only flaw I can fault in the website. 


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