Nomad Aliens

The Nomad Alien collection are a group of extraterrestrials who have stumbled across planet Earth after their ship engine was badly damaged. Sounds strange enough for NFTs? Read on to find out more!

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CreatorThe Nomad Omar
Project nameNomad Aliens
Launch date7 nov 2021
Max supply5,555
Floor price140
Price currencyMATIC
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Nomad Aliens NFT collection

The “Nomads” are 5,555 sci-fi-inspired 3D digital avatars, sculpted and modelled by Egyptian artist @TheNomadOmar. 

These NFTs are generated algorithmically from a pool of 150 traits over 12 categories. 

The images are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon chain. 

The collection will be available for minting on the 7th November 2021 at 6pm (UTC).

Nomad Aliens description

The Nomad Alien collection are a group of extraterrestrials who have stumbled across planet Earth after their ship engine was badly damaged. 

With their food supply almost completely depleted and little power left in their ship, they decided to take refuge on Earth. 

After a quick scan of the planet, the Nomads learned about the creatures who already inhabited it. 

The Nomads named these beings “Lodva” – which means “The A Holes” in their language. 

After landing and putting on inconspicuous disguises, Lodva authorities began tracking the Nomads and hunting them down. 

Your mission is to help Lodva acquire the Nomads and, as a reward, 10% of each Nomad cost will be sent to a random Nomad owner. 

The Nomad Aliens collection is the work of a single individual and suggestions for new traits are contributed by his discord community.

How are Nomad Aliens made?

The collection are randomly generated 3D models of extraterrestrial beings. 

During the minting process, an algorithm pulls a set of traits from the pool and produces the artwork. 

Each Nomad Alien will have a unique variation of available traits, such as hair style, skin type, eye colour, facial hair, clothing and accessories. 

While all Nomads are similar, every single one is unique. 

There is no opportunity for duplicate Nomad Aliens. As previously mentioned, there are amazing rewards to be gained by capturing a Nomad. 

10% of each Nomad sale will be transferred to a random Nomad owner during the minting process. 

Next, if the Nomad collection gets sold out in the first 10 days of the launch, 5% of the contract balance will be sent to a random winner after the minting of the last Nomad is complete. 

After 50% of the collection is sold, the Nomad Aliens merchandise will be launched. After 75% of the collection is sold, a handful of original Nomad owners will be randomly picked to receive a luxury tour of Egypt. 

The winners will be announced on the Nomad Aliens discord. 

How do I mint Nomad Aliens?

On the 7th November 2021, the Nomad Aliens collection will be available to mint. 

The recommended NFT wallet to use for this collection is MetaMask

Once you have connected your wallet to the Nomad Aliens site, you can purchase enough MATIC or Ethereum to mint a unit of the collection. 

Each mint will cost .05 ETH at pre-sale and .08 ETH at public sale. 

You can use sites such as, KuCoin, Coinbase, or something similar to purchase cryptocurrency safely. 

Once the collection has been launched, you can go to the minting page begin the process. 

After the minting is complete, the Nomad NFT will be transferred to your MetaMask wallet. 

A gas fee will also incur to transfer the minted NFT to your wallet.

How to buy Nomad Aliens

If you are only looking to purchase NFTs, Nomad Aliens will display their collection on OpenSea after the minting process is complete. 

This is where generated avatars will be available for purchase directly from the artist. 

Patrons of Nomad Aliens, who minted parts of the collection, may display their NFTs elsewhere; such as, SuperRare or Rarible.


Overall, the Nomad Aliens collection is a well-designed and eccentric NFT. 

There are not many similar NFT collections; the Nomads offer a very unique and high-quality 3D avatar. 

The reward system is also a great incentive to invest in this collection. 

It gives everyone who invests a chance to gain more than they paid for.

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