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Project nameParamatrise
Launch date30th October 2021
Max supply1,000
Floor price0.05
Price CurrencySOL
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Parametrise NFT Collection

Wow! What a jaw-dropping collection… 

The Parametrise NFT Collection is an awesome mixture of professional and experimental projects.

Artists, Architects and Designers have put their limbs together to form a strong team. 

Together, they use Parametric and generative design approaches to create contemporary artwork. 

There are exactly 1,000 NFT’s in this collection ready for minting. 

Check out this awesome collection and see if it’s for you.

Parametrise description

This beautiful collection has a bunch of projects which are all unique, similar and exciting all at the same time. 

It’s truly remarkable what the team at Parametrise is doing. 

The different projects from this collection start with the Tensorbox.

This is a quirky geometrical randomly generated boxy type piece, this boxy trends throughout the entire collection.

My favourite is the Enviro and Politibox projects. 

These projects in particular stand out to me the most from all of their other projects. 

Enviro is an architectural library that showcases artists’ masterpieces and creates a cool visual experience. 

Politibox has got to be one of the most creative art I have seen on an NFT, such simplicity yet beauty. It is a 3D ‘voxel character’ of politicians. 

This theme runs throughout the other projects; ‘Tonebox’, Dojobox, Solbox, Numbox and Fluentbox.

They have a detailed yet clear roadmap which is always a positive sign of a project’s potential success. 

When it comes to the community, they are focusing down on a governance and voting system for listings.

A HODLERS airdrop of future NFT’s to existing holders.

Parametrise are jumping pixel by pixel into the metaverse. 

With integrations into Sandbox, and galleries in Decentraland. It’s also good to know they are sharing profits with existing NFT holders in the community.

Parametrise has a very unique and rare position in the NFT marketplace simply on the art side alone. 

They work with some of the most famous artists in the world on their collection. 

They proudly share names like Eloy Morales and James Anderson to name a few.

Team Parametrise have touched base with almost every style of art and seems to be a very well organised, professional ordeal. 

This isn’t their first rodeo, that’s for sure! 

How are Parametrise made?

Parametrise are 3D geometrical computer-generated Illustrations. 

They use different compositions of parameters which is what gives its unique and eye-catching result. 

Their creative designers and technologists have worked on many different abstract projects before coming together to make this collection, resulting in stunning artwork brilliantly pieced together. 

On launch, 100 of the ‘Politibox’ will be dropped, alongside the full drop of Tensorbox. 

They will be expanding into game asset NFT’s such as Minecraft, decentraland, sandbox, etc. 

There is a ‘no-fee’ NFT marketplace for parametrise and its exclusive partners. 

They have an individual and robust auction system using descending clock auction, on the Solona blockchain. 

There is also a profit share for NFT holders.

How do I mint Parametrise?

To mint Parametrise NFT’s, you will need to connect your wallet to the platform. 

It is advised to have enough SOL in your wallet loaded up beforehand as there will be a race to mint the short supply available, hence the countdown timer.

Press the mint button, connect your wallet and confirm the transaction. 

After your wallet is connected, the button will say ‘Mint’, click on this. You will need the amount of Mint in SOL plus around 0.1 SOL to Mint the NFT + Fees.

Do not close the page, be patient as it may take around a minute or so for the transaction to go through and the NFT to show up in your wallet. 

You will be able to Mint one Tonebox per transaction but you will be able to have unlimited transactions, one after the other.

How to buy Parametrise NFT Collection

As the collection is scarce and in demand, many people are holding on to what has been produced so far, plus not many have even been minted/released as of yet. 

You can check out Opensea auction marketplace for a Parametrise NFT. 

Although there is great scarcity and all of mentioned above, there are still NFT’s available to buy from this collection on Opensea for an exchange of Eth. 

Do you fancy your chance Minting or want to browse what’s available?! Go have a look… Why not! 


What an awesome article to write and what discovery to make! 

This abstract fantasyland emporium poses a bright look into the future of what is possible with NFT’s artwork and a great team! 

This collection is so cool, even if you’re not interested in purchasing NFT’s as of yet, go and have a look!

I urge you to drown your gaze into this beautiful artwork and dive deep into its metaverse. You will not regret it! 

I see this collection and the Parametrise team + community doing great things and I look forward to seeing what is to come in the future from them.


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