Rebel Max

Rebel Max NFTs are a high-quality and cool edition to your collection. These incredibly unique and personality-rich avatars are really ones to be watched on NFT marketplaces.

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CreatorRebel Max
Project nameRebel Max
Launch dateTBC
Max supply6,666
Floor price0.066
Price currencyETH
Rebel Max NFT

The complete guide to Rebel Max

The Rebel Max NFT collection is a run of 6,666 bold, cartoon Chihuahua digital avatars. 

The collection commemorates the experiences and emotions built between Max, a real Chihuahua, and his Swiss character artist owner. 

Traits from a possible 40 million outcomes are generated in each NFT, some of which could be rare. 

The artist is working hard towards the launch, but the go-live date is yet to be confirmed.

Rebel Max description

Rebel Max is a young, real life Chihuahua who had something go wrong in his education. 

This upset turned Max from a cute puppy into a wild child. 

Max realised he was a smart dog and decided to act like a rebel human, but doing it better. 

Max’s alter ego is a stereotype-fighting, out-of-control crypto dog. 

Even though Max is a Chihuahua, he’s all about bikes, booze and bones. 

Once the minting of each Rebel Max Chihuahua has been completed, the adoption market will be open for you to get your hands on one! 

How are Rebel Max NFTs made?

The collection is generated using an algorithm that randomly selects a group of traits for each Rebel Max Chihuahua. 

Each piece of artwork will have a unique set of features and some may include rare traits.

By getting your hands on one of these avatars, you will be contributing to the Rebel Max road map. 

A cash prize of $3,333 USDC will be sent to the early supporter who minted the most NFTs out of the first 25% to be claimed. 

Also at this milestone, a community fund will be set up to support projects that celebrate freedom of thought through art. 

After 50% of the Rebel Max collection is minted, $6,666 USDC will be sent to 2 early supporter addresses with the most minted NFTs. 

Also, 2 “ultra-rare” black Rebel Max NFTs will be sent to the top two members in the Rebel Max discord who gained the most referrals. 

At 75% of the collection being minted, $9,666 in cash prizes will be sent to the 10 most active users on Twitter, who engage with Rebel Max content. 

Two “ultra-rare” black Rebel Max NFTs will be given to two totally random Alpha Rebels (a Discord role). 

Max will also reveal himself on his real-life motorcycle at this point. 

Finally, at 100% of the collection minted, $12,666 USDC will be sent in cash prizes to the 4 addresses who have minted the most Rebel Max NFTs. 

Two “ultra-rare” black Rebel Max NFTs will be sent to the most engaging users on Twitter. 

A huge donation will be made to the Chihuahua Rescue Foundation

The final incentive on the road map is the continuation of the Rebel Max collection and possibilities for collection owners in the future!

How do I mint Rebel Max NFTs?

Once the Rebel Max NFT collection is ready to be minted, you can connect your MetaMask wallet to their site. 

Each minted NFT will cost 0.066 ETH. 

After the minting process is complete, the Rebel Max NFT will get sent straight to your MetaMask wallet. 

A gas fee will also be applied during the transferral of your new NFT to your wallet, so make sure you have enough to mint and a little extra to cover the gas fees.

How to buy Rebel Max NFTs

If minting a Rebel Max NFT isn’t up your street, the collection can be found on OpenSea after the minting process has finished. 

On OpenSea, you will be able to see exactly what features or rarity each NFT has.

 Early supporters, who minted their own NFTs, may put theirs up for sale on other marketplaces, such as SuperRare or Rarible

The Rebel Max collection did a cross-over giveaway with SolOctopus NFT, where a winner was picked to receive an NFT from each collection. 

There may be more chances to win a giveaway like this in the future!


All in all, the Rebel Max NFTs are a high-quality and cool edition to your collection. 

These incredibly unique and personality-rich avatars are really ones to be watched on NFT marketplaces. 

The hand-drawn aspect of the art is inviting and the project road map is intriguing. 

Anyone who mints multiple units of this collection is in with a chance to win massive cash prizes. 

Not only will these people have a chance to win big, but the Twitter users who interact with the content will also be incentivized to own a Rebel Max NFT.

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