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CreatorMatt, Em & Zack
Project nameToastPunk
Launch dateN/A
Max supply1,000
Floor price0.12
Price currencyETH
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ToastPunk NFT Collection

Do you prefer your toast slightly done, gold or brown? 

How about butter, or even cheese? 

Well, Toastpunk is the self-proclaimed ‘Breakfast NFT Collection’ on the Ethereum blockchain, tokenized as ERC-721. 

You can currently join in minting the collection of 1,000 at random times and dates, which are advertised on their member’s discord with almost 7000 members! 

How did you like your toast? 

No matter your preference, ToastPunk seems to have whatever you may fancy, let’s tastefully bite down and crunch our way through this collection!

ToastPunk NFT Collection description

The ToastPunk collection is a cheese pull away from being completely bought out and the popularity has grown considerably, with over 6500 members in their discord and over ¼ of the collection minted! 

From the collection of 1000 ToastPunks, there are different variants and traits. 

These are mixed and matched as minting occurs, with rarer and more common matchups for you to Mint. 

The ToastPunk collection is made up of 100 ‘Faces’, 24 ‘Emotion groups’, 4 ‘Bread types’, 4 ‘Cheese types’ and 4 ‘Intensities’. 

A very interesting ‘Breakfast’ NFT Collection, one I have not quite seen before and It is making me hungry. 

At first look, I was not too sure what to think but on further inspection, the ToastPunk team are pretty serious and have a professional and well made up roadmap and plan for their NFT Collection.

How are ToastPunk NFTs made?

ToastPunk NFT’s are ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The NFT’s are made up of 100 ‘Faces’, 24 ‘Emotion groups’, 4 ‘Bread types’, 4 ‘Cheese types’ and 4 ‘Intensities’. 

These variations and traits, following the same algorithmic process that most NFT collections similar to this follow, are mixed and matched upon Mint. 

Whether you get a rare, common, slightly rare or whichever NFT from the collection you get on int, is completely randomised giving users and members a ‘free for all’ opportunity when it comes to minting and generating your NFT from the collection. 

You can check out on Opensea NFT’s from the collection which has already been minted (Just over 250), and make up your mind from there if you like the floor price, compared to the mint price and if you fancy a gamble at the next drop which you can find out the information for on their discord.

How do I mint ToastPunk NFTs?

Starting the Mint process for your very own ToastPunk NFT is simple but does have an additional step of creating a password to mint. 

The creators of ToastPunk have decided it is best to do it this way to keep their page safe and secure, and exclusive to their real community, mostly on Discord. So it is advised to join their discord if getting involved is something you want to do! 

Mint starts at 0.09Eth per NFT, there will be a gas fee you will incur so make sure you have more than the mint price in your wallet to ensure you cover the fee and mint. 

The ToastPunk creators are releasing drops of limited amounts of the collection, so make sure you have everything such as your password and a loaded wallet before you pounce on the drop.

Discord is where the creators will drop times, locations and dates for drops, once all NFT’s are minted, they are all gone! 

Not to panic, as of the time of writing this, there are still over 700 NFT’s from the collection to mint throughout a handful of drops so you have plenty of opportunities to get in at the moment. 

You will need a Metamask wallet to mint, all simple and easy to follow steps can be found on their discord! 

How to buy ToastPunk NFTs

There are well over 200 NFT’s from the ToastPunk collection to have a browse of on the Opensea NFT marketplace

The current floor price is sitting at 0.12, which is not too far from the initial mint price. 

If you did miss a previous drop and wanted to grab an NFT from the collection, there is probably no better time as I’d assume as the collection’s mint availability becomes more scarce, following trends, floor price will rise. 

You will need to create or have an existing account on Opensea, metamask and a loaded wallet to purchase. 

You can either bid below the floor price which Is hard to say at this time if people will accept your offer as it is early days and most people at this stage do tend to hold their NFT.

You can ‘BUY NOW’ at people’s listed price and snag yourself an NFT for a bit more than mint price + a small gas fee.  


The breakfast NFT collection ToastPunk is a fun and cheery collection with a wide range of ambitions they have projected and are adhering to. 

Their community is full of members who are all waiting on the next releases, sharing their NFT’s and with the creators of this collection all the way.

ToastPunk is full of life and a fun way to start your NFT journey or add to your already existing collection if you have one. 

Maybe your NFT’s need some breakfast? How about some cheesy toast for them to munch on! 


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