Trendy Tigers

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CreatorTrendy Tigers
Project nameTrendy Tigers
Launch date26 October 2021
Max supple9,999
Floor price0.033
Price currencyETH
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The complete guide to Trendy Tigers

Are you scratching at the next NFT opportunity in the market? 

Do you love art like a tiger loves a steak?

Here we go over the collection, the good, the bad and the ugly for you to then decide if you want to pounce.

The Trendy Tigers NFT collection is made up of 9,999 Trendy Tigers and was launched recently. 

From what I have seen, the different styles, attributes and details within the collection seem almost endless! 

Let’s see if you want to bite the arm off of this opportunity! 

Trendy Tigers NFT Collection description

Tigers stripes are individual to every tiger that has ever lived, and this unique trend carries out through the Trendy Tigers NFT Collection as no 2 Trendy Tigers are the same! 

There are 9,999 Trendy Tigers that have been created and launched. 

There really is no better time to start minting or go to the Opensea marketplace to buy your very own Trendy Tiger. 

Here you have two options, either randomly select and try your luck, or see what you can bid on if aesthetics is your priority. 

Trendy Tigers have a special place in the Metaverse. 

There is a virtual wilderness for you to venture around and discover with your Trendy Tiger, called the Cyberjungle! 

The Trendy Tigers NFT creators have 2 beliefs in mind, which they have carried around until today. 

Number 1 is the art side in which they focus their attention to detail, perfecting projects into unique artwork. 

Number 2 is to bring every proud owner of the NFT’s closer to their ‘Bushland’ community.

How are Trendy Tigers NFT’s made?

Hunting down NFT’s and reasons to involve yourself with collections is a bit of a task, knowing how they are made is probably the first step in understanding them.

This collection has been crafted by a team of 4. 

From design, management, and creatives, these founders have come up with something very impressive.

Programmatically, the 9,999 tigers have 170 different elements that are randomly generated and switched up upon minting. Thus creating rarity and individualism. 

From seven different types of tigers, each type has different species or distinctions. 

From eyes, jaws, fur, colour & pattern, background, nose, headgear, attire and finally, accessories. 

This has resulted in a total of 225 base drawings. 

All Trendy Tigers exist as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

How do I mint Trendy Tigers NFT’s?

Trendy Tigers NFT team has made minting a quick, simple and painless task.

Simply click on the ‘Mint’ Button to start the minting process. 

You can use a Metamask wallet or Coinbase. 

Each Trendy Tiger costs 0.03 Eth to mint. 

Depending on when you mint your Trendy Tiger, there will be an undetermined ‘gas fee’ you will need to pay upon minting. 

How to buy Trendy Tigers NFT’s

As of the 26th of October 2021, minting started and NFT’s from the Trendy Tiger collection have been listed on the Opensea NFT auction platform for people to buy. 

On this marketplace, there are plenty of Trendy Tigers to select if handpicking is your thing rather than randomly selecting on the mint which is out of your control. 

Go and have a look at the Opensea marketplace, if any of them catch your eye, why not go for it? 

It’s a great time to check out as it’s very newly launched and there’s a wide variety to choose from! 

As time goes by, owners may put their NFT on other platforms such as Rarible or Superare.


Are you raring to go at this opportunity or feeling more like growling? 

Either way, the Trendy Tigers NFT Collection is impressive and unique. 

What really stood out for me was their adoption of the Metaverse and how they creatively have a 3D simulated world that you can involve yourself in and not just be an owner of an NFT.

Pounce, don’t ponder! 

This has just launched pretty recently and there are lots of opportunities to get involved as of now. 

Take a browse, see what it’s all about and who knows, you may be the next rare Trendy Tiger owner!


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