200 Stan Lee Characters Minted as NFTs

There are few people in the world who have had a bigger contribution to popular culture and media than the late Stan Lee. From Spiderman to the Fantastic 4, Lee had been behind some of the most beloved superheroes in the 20th and 21st century and years after his passing, he continues to be immortalized through his works. 

Now, these works are becoming further immortalized through the power of blockchain. This comes with the release of Stan Lee’s Genesis, a collection of 10,000 NFTs that have been released by his estate. 

Stan Lee’s NFT World

These NFTs are being released ahead of a tabletop game that is due to be launched in the summer of 2023. Minted on the Solana blockchain, Stan Lee’s Genesis features 200 new  characters that have been illustrated and designed by writer Tom Akel and comic book artist, Ryan Benjamin.

In the weeks following the NFT launch, fans will be able to get a deeper view of the project through the perspective of the character Dr Alexander Arcana. Once the project fully unravels, users will be able to create their own comic book universe. 

“Genesis is intended to put the power of creation into the hands of the players and honor the legacy of Stan’s brilliance as one of the preeminent creative forces of the 20th century.

Every game is different as players both compete and collaborate as they construct a comic book universe full of heroes, villains, super team, evil syndicates, galactic threats, and all-encompassing cross over events!” the site says.

The characters in question will be the 200 new heroes and villains that emerge from 18 different factions. Each character will have multiple versions created with different rarity levels and the features attached to each character will be revealed when the ‘Book of Aracana’ is opened. 

Those who buy the NFTs will have access to a special Discord holders channel, exclusive Discord AMA access, access to select exclusive, in-person experiences, the chance to buy the game before it is released into retail markets, and so on.

This is a rather interesting project in that buyers are not just getting NFTs of existing characters such as Spiderman for nostalgic purposes but are getting to create their own superhero universes with new characters of their own. This, along with the incoming tabletop game, fully puts buyers in the drivers’ seat of this new universe. 

NFTs and Comicbook Fans 

Many companies in the entertainment space are engaging with NFTs these days and experimenting with how to introduce them to their audience. It is particularly interesting, however, to see how the sci-fi and superhero projects are using NFTs. 

Stranger Things released a collection ahead of its latest season, the Batman franchise released the caped crusader’s cowls as NFTs, and so on. But this Stan Lee project might just be the most engaging of all. Through it, hundreds of fans can live out their dreams of creating their own superhero world, just as Stan Lee did.


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