Adult Actress Rakes in $30,000 from NFTs

One of the reasons why NFTs have taken off so much in the last few years is the opportunities that it offers to creatives and entertainers. We’ve seen artists make a living selling NFTs, musicians use them as a medium to connect to fans and special access given to buyers.

Adult entertainers are one type of entertainer we may not hear as much about when it comes to NFTs. But one of them, former adult film actress Elsa Jean, has recently revealed that she made $30,000 from selling NFTs and intends to continue operating in web3. 

NFTs in the Adult Industry 

Jean explained in a recent interview that she began exploring independent content creation after retiring from mainstream adult films over a year ago. She first opened an OnlyFans channel which saw her land within the top 1% of creators. But even with this, Jean wanted to explore more online options and began looking to NFTs in November 2022, and asked some friends for help. 

“I decided to launch my own NFTs to give my fans something that has value and that they could invest in that was different from my other content. I started by asking tech-savvy friends and people on Twitter for advice. My NFTs are limited and give my fans access to exclusive content. It also provides utility for them,” she says. 

Adult Actress Rakes in $30,000 from NFTs

Jean has also given some insight into the exclusive content offered by the NFTs such as virtual parties and voice notes. She also says that the nature of NFTs gives her more control over her content and the fact that some buyers will want to resell their assets means that they are less likely to illegally copy and share the content as it devalues what they already own. 

And her ventures have proven to be not only entertainment-based but educational as well. As Jean puts it, many of her fans had no understanding of web3 or NFTs and buying her content gave them a chance to learn, with Jean going as far as releasing tutorial videos on crypto wallet creation and NFT verification. 

And with the success that Jean has found with NFTs, she hopes that her web3 entrepreneurship will continue for a long time. And this is despite the ongoing crypto winter which Jean says she is not discouraged by. 

“I’m not really worried about the crypto recession. When things are low, it motivates me to work a little harder to turn things around. I don’t think NFTs are going to collapse. I think they are here to stay, and so am I. I’m pushing for NFTs and pushing them hard,” she says. 

This story shows the many ways that NFTs can be used. First, they have been proven to be a source of income for all sorts of creatives. But beyond just making money, the activities of entertainers in the NFT space can prompt their fans to learn about web3, which ultimately drives adoption. 


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