Amazon Releases NFT Documentary 

With NFTs becoming as popular and polarizing as they are, it comes as no surprise that more content regarding them is being made. From videos explaining how they work to endless written content documenting the space, NFTs are having their moment.

Now, they are being put on one of the biggest platforms in the world as Amazon Prime Video has released its new NFT-centered documentary NFTMe. Just in time for the holidays, this documentary speaks with about 50 pioneers in the NFT space and takes a deep dive into how the industry emerged and where it appears to be going. 

All About NFTs

This documentary consists of 6 episodes and each is 30 minutes long. In them, 50 people across 80 countries and 6 continents touch on their journey with NFTs and the industry as a whole. Some of those featured include the music producer Peter Rafelson and even rapper Eminem and each contributes towards the bigger narrative of the series. 

The first episode of NFTMe explains to the audience what an NFT is and gives some insight into the industry, setting the scene for the rest of the experience. In subsequent episodes, Refik Anadol, a digital artist, describes their experience creating art for NASA and Eminem discusses his NFT journey. The rapper famously featured Bored Apes in his most recent MTV VMA performance and this is yet another way that he is getting involved in the industry. 

But the rest of the documentary doesn’t focus just on the individuals in the NFT space but on the firms as well. The different ways that NFTs have been applied commercially are explored as well as the many ways that they can be further explored to drive even more adoption. 

Currently available in the US and the UK and coming worldwide in 2023, this documentary has been in the works for years and Amazon saw contributions from  Jonny Caplan, the CEO and founder of Tech Talk Media, to create it. The documentary should have initially come out in 2019 but was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic which saw the team behind it have to get creative with its developmemt. 

But now that it has been released, Caplan has said that he hopes for it to become an educational touchstone for the industry.

“NFTMe intends to be the MTV of NFTs, providing the default go-to for information on NFTs in a clear, understandable, and effective way, enabling viewers to absorb the plethora of terminology, diversity, and opportunity in the Web3 realm, while experiencing the culture, the mood, the style, and the energy,” he said, 

Why This is Important 

In terms of adoption and getting NFTs unto the world stage, it is paramount that we encourage blockchain-related education. After all, if people do not know what NFTs are or have a wrong impression of them, they are unlikely to embrace them. This is why having a documentary appear on such a large platform as Amazon Prime Video is important and should be celebrated. 


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