Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Launching NFTs

No matter what part of the world you grew up in, chances are that you became familiar with the story of Cinderella as a child. And for a good reason as the iconic Brothers Grim tale has all the trappings of a classic fairytale; rags to riches, magic, love, and dreams coming true.

But Bad Cinderella, the Broadway musical developed by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, is far from the story you heard as a child. This adaptation is a twist on the initial story and features a Cinderella who is far from the classic damsel in distress. And besides the plot changes, this adaptation is embracing the use of NFTs. 

Cinderella Brings NFT Dreams to Life 

From its rollout so far, it is clear that Bad Cinderella, which opens on March 23, 2023, will be disruptive. First, the musical intends to take on some of the more sensitive tropes that have been constantly criticized over the years. 

“In the exceptionally beautiful kingdom of Belleville, the fields are idyllic, the prince is charming, and the townsfolk are ravishing. Only one stubborn peasant stands in the way of absolute perfection: Cinderella,” its synopsis says.

It was supposed to have come out years ago but was delayed due to COVID-19. Now that it is on its way, it is also using NFTs to deliver an exclusive experience to its fans through its “The Queen’s Collection” NFT drop. Those who are able to get all the NFTs in the collection, which is based on the Flow blockchain, will be able to unlock a bonus NFT. This bonus NFT offers access to exclusive perks such as a digital poster and the chance to win autographed physical merchandise. 

There is also the “The Queen’s VIP Pass” which entitles its holders to behind-the-scenes content from the musical,  digital merchandise, and even a first look at the musical’s set before it officially debuts. These NFTs are being given away for free on the Flow Blockchain’s marketplace and will act as both a fan engagement tool and a promotional effort for the show.

“This VIP Pass is your key to the beautiful, perfect Kingdom of Belleville. Only with this Pass in your collection will you be able to claim future releases in “The Queen’s Collection”. Between now and Opening Night, the Queen will grant VIP Pass holders inside access to exclusive content,” information from the marketplace listing says.

Musicals have been running on Broadway for decades now and have adapted both the modern and the classic. And while Broadway and the Cinderella story have not changed much over the years, they are getting an update thanks to NFTs. all sorts of current media franchises have used NFTs to engage with fans, from Game of Thrones to Stranger Things and Broadway can stand to benefit from this strategy.

It can lead to more publicity for the show and could attract a younger audience who can, in turn, spread the word about it online. 


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