Baby Shark to Release Second NFT Collection

Remember a few years ago when ‘Baby Shark’ first hit the scene? The kids’ song, which first went viral on YouTube, was one of the most popular tracks on the internet thanks to its infectious melody and catchy lyrics.

To the joy of children everywhere and the frustration of their caretakers, the song was everywhere, from playgrounds to being played ceaselessly online. Since the song went viral, the Baby Shark franchise has done quite well for itself, spanning an animated show and even merchandise. 

Now, the Baby Shark franchise is making its second entry into the metaverse with the announcement of a new NFT collection. 

Baby Shark Dives into NFTs

While it might have slipped under the radar for most people, hardcore Baby Shark lovers will know that in December 2021, the franchise released its first NFT collection. It was a success, selling out quickly and raising millions of dollars for its creators. 

Now, Pinkfong, the company behind Baby Shark, is releasing a follow-up titled ​​ “Baby Shark: Collection No. 2.” This second collection will have 10,000 NFTs in total which will feature the titular Baby Shark character and his entire family. 

The NFTs, which are due to be released sometime this year, will see each NFT have unique attributes and a few surprises for lucky buyers. All these are part of the company’s efforts to further expand the Baby Shark franchise and create a digital footprint for it in the metaverse. 

“We introduced Baby Shark’s first NFT collection in December 2021 as our foray into the next frontier for the world of Baby Shark. Our next collection is on the way with a roadmap designed to provide benefits, entertainment and value for our community as we grow and develop our world in the metaverse and beyond,” the official announcement says.

Baby Shark to Release Second NFT Collection

It seems we will also be getting music-related NFTs as the company teased collaborations with top musical acts in the future. As per the announcement, NFTs will be made for remixes of the original Baby Shark song, which has since become one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

As per its official roadmap, these NFTs will not be used as just collector’s items. After the second NFT drop, there are plans to unveil social activities that will incorporate the features of the NFTs and initiate community benefits, whatever they may be. 

Franchises in the Metaverse

In the digital age, there is no limit to how far a brand can be expanded. From influencers leveraging viral moments into careers to Baby Shark becoming a million-dollar franchise from a single song, the sky is the limit. 

Now, the metaverse and NFTs seem to have become the next step in creating a profitable digital presence. But more than just another avenue to make money off fans, there seems to be an emphasis on fostering a community. 

With Baby Shark working towards in-person and virtual community engagements that tie back into the metaverse, it seems there is no stopping this trend.


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