Beeple to Launch Physical Studio

It is safe to say that the artist Mike Winkelmann, popularly known as  “Beeple” has made his mark in the NFT space. He famously sold the NFT of his Everydays: the First 5000 Days piece for $69 million through Christie’s and holds the record for one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold.

But even after conquering the digital art world, Winkelmann has announced plans to bring his creations into the physical world as well. As he confirmed in an October 13, 2022 tweet, he is planning to build a physical art space in Charleston, South Carolina. The purpose of this space is to further familiarise the public with NFTs and allow them to interact with digital assets. 

Beeple in the Real World?

In the Twitter thread announcing his upcoming studio, which is to be made out of a repurposed warehouse, Beeple explained that it will not focus on just his own work but that of others as well.

He also touched on the ongoing bear market and said that a physical space is exactly what the industry needs to move forward. As he puts it, having digital works be accessible in a physical way is how the NFT space can bring in new collectors. 

“the boom happened because suddenly a lot more people learned of what we were doing and believed in it.  for that to happen again, we need to find NEW ways of bringing in collectors who probably now have heard of NFTs but still don’t really “get it”, he said.

He went on to say that allowing people to understand that NFTs can be seen and interacted with outside of tiny phone screens could drive adoption. There is some merit to this claim as a big roadblock to adoption is the fact that many people simply do not know what NFTs are or how they work.

Beeple to Launch Physical Studio

Because so much of the NFT space’s interactions are done through mobile devices, it is easy for outsiders to feel even more removed from it. But if there is a physical studio where people can access NFTs as easily as they do ‘traditional’ artwork, more acceptance can be ensured. 

“I believe by showing people that this artwork can absolutely be shared and appreciated in real life not just on our tiny screens, they will see that this medium is just like any other with the ability to bring beauty, provoke thoughtful discussion, and truly move us,” Beeple concluded.

Making NFTs Physical 

NFTs as a concept exist and thrive in the virtual realm. But as Beeple has laid out, the NFT space can benefit greatly from being brought to the physical world. It can reach a wider audience and, more importantly, it can bridge the gap felt by those who don’t entirely understand them.

And Beeple isn’t done yet, as he explained in his Twitter thread that this studio is only one-half of a larger project he is working on. And as for the other half, which he says is almost done, fans will just have to wait.


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