David Beckham Signs as DigitalBits Blockchain Ambassador

If there is any surefire way to get eyes on your project or business, it is through a celebrity endorsement. For decades, celebrity endorsements have been used as a way to sell everything from makeup to automobiles. Having a popular celebrity attached to a project or business can bring in not only attention from their fans but a certain level of credibility as well. 

Within the blockchain and crypto space, celebrity endorsements have been leveraged. In the past, celebrities have acted as spokespersons for cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, and even NFTs. The latest of these comes from football star David Beckham who has been announced as a new ambassador for DigitalBits blockchain.

David Beckham Turns to NFTs

According to the official announcement, Beckham will not only be an ambassador of the blockchain but will also launch a number of digital assets, including NFTs. 

Speaking on the announcement, Beckham said on Instagram, ‘Stepping into an exciting new world today!!! Thrilled to start my journey in the metaverse with @digitalbitsorg.” 

The DigitalBits blockchain is known for being a very eco-friendly one and this is dubbed to be a major part of Beckham’s campaigns moving forward. While the details about the types of NFTs that will be released have not been made public, Beckham will be joining an ever-growing list of celebrities getting into the NFT space. 

David Beckham Signs as DigitalBits Blockchain Ambassador

Plus, there is virtually nothing that can’t be turned into an NFT so it will be interesting to see what this partnership brings. Perhaps NFTs of his greatest moments as a footballer? Maybe even some more personal content tokenized and sold? 

Either way, Beckham fans are likely in for a treat because as Beckham puts it, the goal of this collaboration for him is the benefit of his fans. 

“I am always keen to find new ways to connect with my fans across the world. The moment I spoke with Al and the DigitalBits team, I knew that this was a major opportunity to create new experiences for my fans online,” he explained. 

How Celebrities Can Bring NFTs into the Mainstream 

It should come as no surprise that not everyone quite understands what an NFT is. Over a decade after they’ve been in the public eye, many still don’t understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency work.

As such, the idea of a digital collectable of an ape picture being sold for millions might confuse the average person. But there is where the power of celebrity can be leveraged. 

The everyday person might not feel inclined to look into NFTs for no reason but might be interested in DigitalBits because their favourite footballer endorsed it. Like it or not, the legitimacy of a celebrity endorsement can do wonders for a project. 

As Al Burgio, the founder of DigitalBits, explains, ‘I’m looking forward to working with Beckham to bring the transformative power of Blockchain technology to mainstream audiences and help people around the world understand the true potential.’

From the looks of it, we might be seeing more footballers get into NFTs soon.


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