DMA United Partners with NYU For NFT Project

As NFTs become more popular among artists, communities are forming around the art medium, both for the commercial and creative benefits. From collaborations between artists to all sorts of projects that bring together NFT-loving creatives, we see more developments in this sector every day. 

One of the latest of these comes from DMA United, a top advertising agency. The company has announced a new partnership with New York University and Artano for the launch of a new NFT platform called ArtLabb. As per an official press release from October 28, 2022, this platform features digital artwork from NYU’s staff and students.


As per the press release, ArtLabb will feature both virtual events and physical experiences that will bring together a community of artists and promote digital art as a whole.  One of the ways that this will be done is through ArtLabb acting as a digital art platform that will showcase all sorts of art. The platform is based on the Cardano blockchain and accepts ADA as its currency of choice. 

“DMA United conceptualized and created a digital art platform, ArtLabb, with artwork from New York University students, alumni and faculty. ArtLabb is curated by Snow Yunxue Fu, a new media artist, curator and Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts,” the statement says. 

Not only will this art be on the digital platform but it will also be installed on  the VR WSPark Metaverse space in Washington Square Park on  November 12, 2022, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm EST. This comes weeks after the works were physically exhibited to the public on October 20, 2022, at the Web3 NYC Gallery (510 Fifth Avenue).

DMA United Partners with NYU For NFT Project

All these are a part of the NYU School of Professional Studies Metaverse Collaborative and as per the press release is “a cross-industry initiative formed to understand the metaverse and its impact.” DMA United, on its part, has handled much of the backend for this project, including the naming, branding, and tokenization. 

Given how much more attention blockchain and its by-products have gotten from the wider world, including academia, this sort of project comes as no surprise. As many more artists experiment with NFTs as a medium, this sort of platform offers a chance for them to show off their creations. 

NYU is known for its creator community and with this platform off the ground, other universities might follow suit. 

Giving Access to Artists 

As popular as NFTs are these days, access to the tools for artists to leverage them is not universal. By having a university have its own go-to NFT platform that showcases works from within the community, artists who might be interested in NFTs will receive the guidance and platform that they need.

What this will mean is that more NFT-based art can be created within the next generation of artists and the digital asset’s place can be secured within the art world for many years to come.


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