Evian Partners With Digital Artist for NFTs

What comes to mind when you think of Evian as a brand? Their iconic three mountain logo? A refreshing drink on a hot day? 

What about the creators of the hottest new NFT collection? Believe it or not, Evian is the creator of one of the most noteworthy new NFT collections. In a new collaboration with top digital artist Sara Shakeel, the water brand has announced a new collection of rare NFTs.

Details About The Collection 

The collection, which is available on Evian’s official website, features 20 NFTs that all tie back into the brand’s history and heritage. 

“Celebrating Evian’s iconic heritage from the glacial rocks in the heart of the French Alps, these individually numbered 20 NFT artworks mark Evian’s exciting entrance into the emerging digital art space, the announcement says. 

Shakeel, who is known for her use of crystals and glitter in digital art, has created pieces for the collection including one of the iconic logo covered in glitter. The pieces are now on sale on the website and the proceeds are going towards charity. 

In the creation of the NFTs, the Tezos blockchain was chosen for its energy efficiency. As the announcement notes, the Tezos blockchain uses 2 million times less energy than the Ethereum blockchain and this helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. 

Evian Partners With Digital Artist for NFTs

All the funds generated from this collection will be going towards the Somerset House Young Talent Fund. The house will, in turn, use the funds to support the next generation of artists by providing them with training in the digital arts and space to work in Central London. 

Because some of the pieces will be resold in the secondary market and 10% of the resale revenue will also be given to the Fund, this collection acts as a long-term source of revenue. 

On Shakeel’s part, this is not her first collaboration with Evian and she has explained that this project not only celebrates Evian as a brand but benefits the art world as well. 

“As a life-long fan of evian, it’s like a dream come true being part of their journey in creating their first NFT. Continuing from the incredible sparkling installation we partnered on earlier this year, it’s such a joy to bring the spirit of evian’s alpine heritage into this digital universe with my sparkled mountain artwork whilst supporting the creativity and innovation of aspiring digital artists,” she says. 

NFT and the Arts

When it comes to NFTs and art, the two are closely and inexplicably intertwined. NFTs were introduced to the world through collectable art pieces and have become a source of income for artists around the world.

Evian’s new collection pays homage to the artists at the center of the NFT world by not only collaborating with one of the most innovative digital artists but also by giving the proceeds towards artist development. As more companies embrace NFTs, it is clear that the artists who built the space will not be left behind.


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