Gamers Choose Bitcoin Over NFTs

While NFTs in themselves can be quite controversial, few things exemplify this more than their presence in the gaming industry. While the gaming sector has some NFT advocates, both among players and companies alike, it is also home to some of the most vicious NFT haters who decry their application in any way. 

But while NFTs remain controversial in gaming, the results of a new survey by fintech firm Zeebedee show that gamers are a bit more favourable towards cryptocurrency. As per the survey, 27% of respondents would like to win Bitcoin when gaming, compared to only 5% who want to win NFTs.

Bitcoin vs NFTs?

This survey’s results are quite interesting in that it shows that attitudes towards blockchain-based products vary. While there is apprehension among gamers towards NFTs, cryptos are faring better. In fact, 67% of respondents said that they would be more likely to play free games if there was a chance of winning bitcoin.

While the respondents were generally favourable towards crypto, there was also a special interest in bitcoin, which was noted by Ben Cousens, the chief strategy officer of Zeebedee.

“Despite the bulk of industry attention being focused on NFTs, we found that Bitcoin stands out as the most popular decentralized asset amongst gamers when compared against other cryptocurrencies, including NFTs,” he said.

Gamers Choose Bitcoin Over NFTs

There are a number of possible reasons for this. First, Bitcoin is the world’s most famous and profitable crypto and as such, will be in the highest demand. At the same Bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptos in the world, and as such, has been able to prove itself over time compared to the relatively new NFTs. 

Some other interesting discoveries from the survey was the fact that 45% of respondents indicated that there was a benefit in being able to trade in-game assets and characters. This is a hallmark of GameFi and is often done through these assets tokenized as NFTs. While 23% of respondents said that it would be a negative and 32% gave no response, this might indicate the possible application of NFTs in gaming. 

From the results, gamers might not be very interested in NFTs as a reward for gaming but they could find a place in the in-game process otherwise. But despite all the opinions being shared, it is notable that most of the respondents (55%) don’t actually hold any cryptocurrency as of the time of the survey. 

How NFTs Can Conquer Gaming 

As this survey shows, NFTs have a way to go before they can become established in the gaming sector. And to do so, they might have to take a page from Bitcoin’s book.

This means that NFTs will need to first persevere within and outside of the gaming sector, consistently proving their worth through valuable initiatives and applications. Over time, public opinion might soften towards it as it has towards crypto. And who knows, the same survey carried out years in the future might reveal vastly different results. 


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