Kevin Smith Led Horror Coming to the Metaverse

Back in November 2021, film director Quentin Tarantino released NFTs of his iconic film ‘Pulp Fiction’ on the Secret Network, marking one of the biggest Hollywood-NFT collaborations thus far. Digital assets for a cult classic like Pulp Fiction being released on a blockchain are the stuff of NFT dreams. 

Now, it seems that Tarantino’s efforts have inspired others as director Kevin Smith has announced that he will be premiering his latest film ​​“KillRoy Was Here,” as an NFT.

Star of the Metaverse Screen

Just like Tarantino, Smith is known for creating cult classic films including  “Chasing Amy” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. Now, the two will have one more thing in common as the new film will also be launching on the Secret Network.

Currently, there is no release date for the film but the details on how NFT access will work have been made public. Those who hold NFTs for the film are the only ones who will be able to view it at all, as well as access exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. 

A total of 5,555 NFTs in total will be released and each of them will be generative and feature a unique version of the main character KillRoy. The owners of the NFT can then use the virtual character as they please, with Smith explaining that they can do everything from creating cartoons to licensing it. 

Kevin Smith Led Horror Coming to the Metaverse

Smith has also explained that he will feature the most creative ideas from users in the movie’s sequel. The current film, which features the titular character killing adults on behalf of children, is part of a new genre of digital films that offer, through NFTs, the audience the chance to be involved in the creative process as well. 

“We started the story, now YOU get to continue it with your very own version of our titular character! And along with a brand new chapter I’ll shoot next year, the shorts and animation that the KillRoy NFT owners create with their own KillRoy’s will make up the bulk of our sequel anthology. The KillRoy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist!” says Smith. 

NFTs Make a Splash in Hollywood 

This is not Smith’s first foray into the NFT space as a year ago, he released a collection that was based on characters from his Jay and Silent Bob films. While he is one of the many celebrities getting into NFTs these days, Smith insists that he is not doing it for a profit.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Smith called the NFT space ‘a whole new creative playground,’ and compared it to the rise of YouTube where people online were showcasing their creations to the world. 

“It reminds me of the YouTube revolution, where kids were able to create stuff in a whole new way. I missed it then, but I won’t miss it again,” he says. 

The film will be launching on Legendao in 2022.


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