Madonna Has Heart Set on $1.3 Million Bored Ape NFT

As any modern Madonna fan will tell you, the singer is quite the lover of NFTs. Not only did she pay over half a million dollars for a Bored Ape NFT but she also released her own collection which was done in collaboration with the artist Beeple. 

But despite all of these, the singer still has some NFT-releated goals yet to be achieved. More specifically, Madonna has said in a new interview with Variety that she is determined to get her hands on the Bored Ape NFT #3756.

Madonna and the Bored Ape

So, what is so special about this Bored Ape, in particular? Well, according to Madonna, she loves the ape’s fur, multicoloured teeth and ‘S&M’ jacket and also heard that it was inspired by her. 

“I was hellbent on getting an Ape and really specific about what I wanted: the Ape with a leather motorcycle cap on and multicolored teeth. I was told that it was inspired by me, and modeled after me, and it was bought by a woman who’s a fan of mine. She was gonna sell it to me, but it was way too expensive,” she said in the interview.

Currently, the Bored Ape NFT #3756 is listed for roughly $1.3 million on Opensea, making it one of the pricier assets from the collection and almost three times the price Madonna paid for her current one. The current one is Bored Ape #4988 which she acquired through the help of Moonpay earlier this year. 

In terms of appearance, Bored Ape #4988 and  #3756 are not too far off, with both having an S&M hat and multicoloured fur. But the one Madonna holds is not quite as rare and does not have multicoloured teeth. Still, Madonna has continued to show appreciation for NFTs and the Bored Ape collection in general. 

As for whether or not #3756 was actually inspired by Madonna, a rep for Yuga Labs said, in a statement to Decrypt, “The Yuga Labs team loves it when people see themselves in certain apes. The S&M hat is one of the founders’ favorite characteristics in the collection, they love anything punk rock. Madonna helped popularize that style, which the founders are a fan of.” 

Needless to say, this love affair between Madonna and NFTs is not going anywhere anytime soon.

NFTs: The New Celebrity Favorite

For decades, popular celebrities have been tastemakers in society and this often involves the things they choose to invest in and collect. Some celebrities, for example, are known to collect artwork by specific artists and this boosts not only their public profile but the value of such pieces as well. 

As we’ve seen with Madonna, NFTs seem to be on their way to becoming this next class of collectables. This means that not only will they be seen more favourably by the public as a whole but that the value of individual NFTs and collections will go up as well.


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