MetaMask Launches NFT and Metaverse Education Tools

While the NFT sector is certainly complex, many of its issues can be fixed or at least partially addresses through better education of consumers. After all, people are often reluctant to get into NFTs because they do not understand it or fall victim to the scams within the industry due to ignorance. 

As such, MetaMask’s newest endeavour which looks to teach more people about NFTs and the metaverse is coming at a good time. Announced on January 31, 2023, this new initiative is called MetaMask Learn and takes users through many of the basics of web3.

An NFT Education

As the company explained in a Twitter thread, MetaMask learn is designed to make web3 less intimating to users and easier to understand. 

“We created @MetaMask Learn to demystify web3, make it more accessible to you, and arm you with the confidence and smarts you need to navigate web3 safely,” the thread said about the interactive course. 

As the thread went on to explain, this course is designed to be used at customers’ convenience. They can take as many lessons as they want whenever they want and overall, become more knowledgeable at their own pace. Currently, the first 8 lessons in the coure are available in English, Portuguese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish.

And what MetaMask is offering goes beyond just your typical school-type course. Instead, users are treated to interactive models of actual web3 applications as they are explained to them. Given how complex web3 can be, it will be very beneficial for users to engage with simulations as opposed to simply reading about them.

And because these simulations are not real, there is little risk involved. Users can make trades, and engage with ‘wallets’ and so on without having any of their information or money at stake. Additionally, this course appears to be designed for people at all levels of experience. 

“Choose your own adventure. Want to learn about DAOs but not DeFi? Skip over Finance, Decentralized and foxtrot to The Age of Communities right away! You do you,” MetaMask said, adding that, “But this is only the beginning, you fancy foxes! Over time, we’ll add more lessons and languages to ensure that MetaMask Learn is the definitive library for educational content on Web3.”

The Importance of this Initiative 

It is near-impossible to overstate the importance of NFT consumers having as much information as possible when it comes to the web3 landscape. First, this could be a means of bringing in new players into the industry. 

People are less likely to invest in concepts that they know nothing about and by having this sort of information so easily explained, more people could embrace web3. It also means that those who are already operating within the industry can be more aware or cautious. After all, a person owing an NFT does not mean that they understand how DeFi works, for example. All things considered, this initiative is bound to do some good.


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