MyMetaverse and Enjin Launch NFTs for Grand Theft and Minecraft

Earlier this year, Minecraft sent waves through both the gaming and NFT worlds when it confirmed that NFTs would not be supported by its servers. The reason given was that NFTs would take away from the inclusivity of the game. We’ve seen a plethora of responses to this, from companies vowing to offer alternatives to players to NFT critics who were happy at the decision. 

The latest twist in this saga seems to come from MyMetaverse, an NFT gaming platform and Enjin, a blockchain development project. The two have teamed up to develop playable NFTs that can be used on both Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft servers. 

NFTs and Servers

As per reports, this new collection is called MetaHome and was minted on the Polkadot-affiliated NFT parachain Effinity. The collection is quite impressive in that it is compatible with all of MyMetaverse’s games, which include the aforementioned Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

The collection is also unique because it does not manifest in the same way in every game. In Grand Theft Auto, for example, it takes the form of a car and in the Minecraft universe, it manifests as a sword. Needless to say, fans will be getting a unique experience depending on which game they choose to play. 

MyMetaverse and Enjin Launch NFTs for Grand Theft and Minecraft

While all this is well and fine, there is still the elephant in the room; how do the developers behind these games feel about the collection? Minecraft especially has made it clear how they feel about NFTs. How will this new development be received and was there any change in the company’s official policy?

In an official statement from the MyMetaverse team released to VentureBeat, some clarification was given. 

“To clarify, the NFTs have been minted on Efinity and can be incorporated in MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft gaming servers. In Infinity Auto, a MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 server, they take the form of a rare vehicle; in Survival Infinity, a MyMetaverse Minecraft server, they become a special sword. In answer to your question, they are not official integrations with Rockstar or Minecraft,” the statement said. 

When Minecraft first made its announcement, there was some concern about whether or not any NFTs could ever be used on its servers again. This clearly shows that while they might not be officially endorsed by Minecraft, all hope is not lost. 

Minecraft and NFTs

Minecraft and NFT lovers can rejoice at yet another option that lets them play NFTs on Minecraft servers. Given that it is one of the most popular games on the planet, shutting out NFT access entirely would be no small matter. 

But it is apparent that there is a demand for NFTs that are compatible with its servers, even if created by third-party organizations. This then provides an alternative for players who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. And perhaps, seeing the support these sorts of alternatives receive, Minecraft might one day walk back on its initial decision.


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