NFT Collection Looks to Help with New Years Resolutions

It is that time of year again; when everyone is on a ‘new year, new me’ kick. Around the beginning of each year, people often make resolutions of what they plan to do differently. These usually include exercising more, giving up alcohol, being more productive, and so on. But research shows that many of these resolutions are not followed through. In fact, it is a running joke at this point that New Years’ resolutions do not last.

But a digital marketing agency Lion and Lion has launched a new project to help people stay on track with their goals using NFTs. 

New Years’ Resolutions 

Helping people stick to their New Years’ resolutions is a task that many have tried and failed at for decades at this point. But Lion and Lion is giving it another shot and putting an NFT twist on things. 

First, the agency compiled a list of the top 10 most failed New Years’ resolutions from 2019 to 2022. These were then turned into artistic NFTs with their titles featured on prints. For example, one NFT shows the phrase ‘Hit the Gym’ on the image of stairs. These assets are not only to be minted on several blockchains but will also be listed on 

Anyone who buys the NFT will not only have a piece of digital art at their disposal but will also have some motivation at hand to keep them on track with their goals. One of the unique things about NFTs is the way that they are able to tap into pop culture and this project shows just how entertaining and useful they can be. 

For Lion and Lion as an agency, it also acts as a way to show the capabilities of web3 to businesses that want to connect with consumers. In the past, such a concept would be applied primarily in the material world but this shows more possibilities.

“The project demonstrates our ability to clients and brands who are planning on transitioning from web2 to web3; brands who require smart solutions (beyond NFTs) that can help them construct fresh narratives to connect with their communities in the web3 / metaverse space,” said Cheelip Ong, the regional chief creative officer of Lion & Lion.

As the project progresses, we should get more information about its market performance and its effects on buyers’ New Year resolutions. 

The Many Concepts of NFTs

One sure sign of NFTs’ financial viability is their increased use in the commercial sector. We’ve seen everyone from Nike to Starbucks make use of NFTs and now, we can see them being embraced by a digital marketing firm. Should this trend continue, NFTs can be marketed to the general public even more. 

And besides the commercial, there is the creative aspect of NFTs being used in all sorts of artistic ways. This project, for example, features different art styles that all allude to a concept that most of us are familiar with and show how dynamic NFT art can be.


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