NFT Reality Show Coming to MTV

Over decades, MTV has given us some of the most iconic reality TV shows of all time; the Hills, Jersey Shore, and many more. In fact, the TV channel was at the forefront of the reality TV boom in the early 2000s and continues to put out shows to this day.

Now, it seems that NFTs will be a part of MTV’s reality TV roster as a new show, The R3al Metaverse, has been announced. But this show will not be starring socialites or burgeoning celebrities but instead, will feature NFTs from some of the best-known collections in the world. 

Details About the Reality Show

Unlike a lot of MTV’s previous offerings, this show will be more of a scripted parody of typical reality shows. While parodies have been done in the past, none have starred NFT characters.

The NFTs to be used for the show include those from the  Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cat, Doodle, World of Women and Robotos collections. One of the NFTs to be used in the show is the Bored Ape owned by Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, who posted a teaser of the first episode on his Twitter account. 

“Episode 1 sneak peak of @r3almetaverse is here! The project is minting Sept 7! Full episode will be live everywhere TOMORROW! What do you think of the cast? #teampete @boredapepete,” he tweeted, along with a snippet of the episode. 

The premise of the show is that the NFTs have left the metaverse and now have to adjust to life on the outside. While this premise is already interesting in itself, there are a few more twists. 

NFT Reality Show Coming to MTV

First, those who have NFTs from any of the already-included collections stand a chance to have their avatars featured on the show in the future. Then there is the producer pass NFT which allows fans to have a say in the future direction of the show. 

Anyone who follows TV shows knows the feeling of wanting to have some control over its direction and with The R3al Metaverse, they have a chance to actually do this. 

This project is being developed by Invisible Universe, a tech company that is backed by Ohanian and is hoping to bring more web-based IPs to life. According to its CEO Tricia Biggio, the next iconic characters could very well be introduced to audiences across the internet as opposed to more ‘traditional’ media.

NFTs on Your Screens 

Another day, another innovative way that NFTs are being used, it seems. The beauty of this sort of project is that it can appeal to everyone, even those that do not like NFTs. And considering how polarizing the industry can be at times, this feels very much needed.

Those who do like NFTs will be impressed by the leveraging of IPs related to the metaverse. And for those who don’t like NFTs, it can simply be another MTV show they can watch for the storylines and loveable characters.


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