OpenSea Collection Promises Call With Donald Trump

At this point, we’re used to seeing celebrities get involved in the NFT space and some have even been quite successful with these endeavours, though the topic remains controversial. Take the recent collection released by former US President Donald Trump. While it made a lot of money on the market, it was panned by critics. 

But it seems the Trump-NFT saga is not quite finished despite the collection coming out over a month ago. Now,  several of the NFTs have found their way into the secondary market on OpenSea and promise several perks such as a chance to have a call with Donald Trump. 

Calling Trump

One of the appeals of the Trump NFTs, when they were first released, was the perks that came with them. Some of these perks include an in-person meetup with Trump and a possible Zoom call. The way the NFTs worked at the time, those who bought the NFTs would not know which of the perks they would receive until after they got their hands on one of the $99 assets. 

Shortly after the NFTs sold out, buyers were airdropped NFT access passes which were tied to these different perks. But these passes have now been listed on the secondary market for those who either weren’t able to get their hands on the initial release or who wanted specific perks without having to go through the initial process. 

Out of all of these, the NFT passes that offer a call with Donald Trump have been the most popular. One of these is a collection called ‘Win Trump Prizes’ which is hosted on OpenSea by a user called TrumpDeployer. This collection includes several passes for everything from dinner with Trump to a group Zoom call. 

“These are the Prize Winning Trump Trading Cards (NFTs). Prizes include: Dinner with President Trump, Zoom Calls with the President, play Golf with the President and 2 of your friends, Autographed Memorabilia, One-on-One Meeting with The President & so much more,” the OpenSea page for the collection says. 

So far, the collection has been quite a hit, raking in 64 ETH (over $98,000). But given the sheer number of assets being listed, with 2,373 listed as of press time, this comes as no surprise. 

At the same time, it must be noted that these NFTs are being sold for 0.030 ETH (roughly $25 ) each, which is a fraction of the $99 that the original NFTs were going for. When the original collectables were released, they saw widespread criticism, particularly on the late-night talk show scene, with top hosts decrying it as a cash grab. Then, there were accusations of plagiarism. 

The collectables featured Trump as a number of different archetypes and eagle-eyed observers noted that they seemed to have been photoshopped unto non-royalty-free images. These likely contributed to the value of the assets plummeting after the initial spike. But as this OpenSea collection shows, Trump fans are still pushing on.


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