Player Unknown Battle Ground Creator Introducing NFTs

And thus, the love affair between NFTs and gaming continues. In the last few years, we’ve seen many mainstream gaming projects dabble in NFTs in some way, from Ubisoft to GameStop. Thanks to the benefits they can offer players and the overall rise of GameFi, NFTs are securing a firm place in the gaming industry.

Now, Brendan Greene, the creator of the popular Player Unknown Battle Ground game, has announced that his newest incoming release will feature NFTs. This was revealed during an interview to discuss his latest project since exiting PUBG a few years ago.

Artemis in the Making

In an interview with Hit Points, Greene revealed that his next project will be called Artemis. Furthermore, it will have many elements of web3, including blockchain and NFTs. When describing Artemis, Greene painted the picture of an ‘earth-sized’ digital world where players can do anything that they want, including living. 

“We want to make our engine easy to mod, and to make it open source so everyone can participate,” he said.

On the surface, this sounds very much like a metaverse and Greene acknowledged that during the interview. He also said that the comparisons to the metaverse do not bother him and that he doesn’t care what anyone calls it. 

Player Unknown Battle Ground Creator Introducing NFTs

It should be noted that within the world of gaming, NFTs and metaverses are fairly touchy subjects. Some gamers love them and others do not, and some gaming companies have gone out of their way to explicitly name (or not name) their projects as metaverses or NFTs.

But Greene seems to be embracing it, explaining in the interview that not only will blockchain play a role in Artemis but that an economy will exist within the game. But this economy won’t be a breeding ground for cash grabs. Instead, he says, it will comprise everyday users offering value to one another. 

“It’s some kid called AwesomePickle selling cool skins because he understands what people want,” Greene says, adding that Artemis is intended to be a 10 to 15-year project. As such, the perceptions and applications of blockchain will be much different in the end than it is now.

Details about Artemis, such as its storyline or launch date, have not yet been made public. When the game eventually launches, it will be interesting to see what the public reception of it is.

Metaverses and the Gaming Industry 

While blockchain in general has had very prominent integration with the gaming industry, the metaverse, in particular, has a lot of potential within it. This is because the metaverse, at its core, is a virtual universe with limitless possibilities, which is very compatible with gaming, which often leverages fantastical universes. 

Green himself admits that his description of the Artemis landscape is very close to our understanding of a metaverse. This is a good sign for the industry in that wherever the tide turns when it comes to NFTs, the metaverse can be used within gaming for decades to come.


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