PleasrDAO Auctioning Original Doge Meme Couch

Over the years, the lore of Kabosu, the popular meme dog, continues to grow. Kabosu first came into the public’s consciousness thanks to a 2010 photo of her on a couch where she appears to give the viewer a side-eye. Ever since the photo made its way unto the internet, she has amassed a cult following, been turned into an iconic meme, and has even inspired several cryptocurrencies. 

Now, a lucky fan can get their hands on the original couch in the photo that started it all. This was revealed by PleasrDAO which will be holding the auction event on February 7, 2023. 

A Piece of Meme History 

This event will be hosted as a stream of a PleasrHouse episode which will see several guests in attendance. Among these will be Kabosu herself and her owner Atsuko Sato who took the photo that we now know. 

Sadly, this initiative took root earlier this year when Sato announced that Kabosu was sick with cancer. 

“Kabosu’s disease names are acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphoma leukemia. Right now, the liver level is very bad and jaundice appears. But antibiotics will definitely improve. Kabosu has an appetite. She can also drink water. To all of you who are worried. Thank you very much,” Sato’s post said at the time.

Following this announcement, there was an outpouring of support for the dog, as well as offers to contribute towards her medical expenses. This is when ‘Tridog’, a member of PleasrDAO and a fan of Kabosu, decided to start an auction to help with the dog’s bills. 

PleasrDAO Auctioning Original Doge Meme Couch

So, as part of fundraising efforts, the couch featured in the now-iconic photo will be auctioned. The winner will receive not only an NFT but also the right to take possession of the couch. There is also the option for those who want to buy a piece of the iconic meme without owning the physical couch to do so through the purchase of a fractionalized NFT. 

The DAO purchased the original NFT of the Doge photo for $4.8 million in 2021 and now works towards fractionalizing it. These fractionalization efforts have led to a deeper relationship between Sato and Own the Doge, a community centred around ownership of the NFT, with several charities benefiting.

“When we fractionalized the NFT, we started the Own The Doge (OTD) community, who has developed a very strong relationship with Atsuko. The Do Only Good Everyday ethos from dogecoiners really resonates with Atsuko, and the OTD community has donated $2M+ to charities. $1M of those donations went to Save The Children, and is their largest crypto donation to date,” said Chris Eberle, the Head of Marketing for PleasrDAO, to Decrypt.

And this is not the first time that PleasrDAO is hosting a live-stream auction event that ties into popular culture. It famously held a live stream with whistleblower Edward Snowden which raised money through an NFT auction for the  Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Daniel Ellsberg Initiative for Peace and Democracy.


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