Puma Dropping 75th Anniversary NFTs

When it comes to the fashion and apparel sector, NFTs have proven to be a profitable venture. One example that easily springs to mind is the millions that Nike has made through its NFT ventures, so much so that it launched a dedicated platform for them.

Now, fellow apparel company Puma is teasing a new NFT venture that is to tie in with its 75th anniversary. This venture is called ‘Super Puma’ and will drop later this month. Puma began counting down to this drop with a 15-second video posted to its official social media. 

What Will ‘Super Puma’ Bring?

In the animated video posted to Puma’s socials, a wooden crane with ‘Super Puma’ written on it is opened with a crowbar to reveal a pair of sneakers on top of a collection of Super Puma comic books. 

“The clock is ticking, and the fate of the past rests in the paws of our fearless hero. Super PUMA, we need you now more than ever. Comment a to lace up,” a tweet accompanying the video said

Since the announcement was made, some more details have come to light regarding the upcoming collection and the references to be found in the video. First, Super Puma was originally a comic book series published by the brand in the 1970s. The titular character is a green cat who goes on all sorts of adventures and it will be the star and inspiration behind the collection, which will be a pfp project. 

Puma Dropping 75th Anniversary NFTs

10,000 of these assets will be released in total and priority access will be given to those who already hold assets from the brand’s Nitro NFT Collection. Holders can claim NFTs from this new collection based on how many of these NFTs they already have. In terms of asset distribution, 4,000 NFTs will be airdropped later this month, 2,000 will be reserved for members of Puma’s 10KTF Community, and another 4,000 will be available for the general public. 

Puma as a brand has been quite dedicated to web3, launching both a metaverse experience and buying an ENS. And, of course, there are the previous NFT projects it has been released. This latest drop is just another addition to its growing NFT resume. 

This was further reiterated by Puma’s Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick, who said of the development, “Puma’s growing Web3 community played an important role in the launch of this new project. We listened to what our community wanted, and the Super PUMA PFP NFT is the result of that. It’s a great project to kick off our 75th anniversary as an expression of our brand mantra – Forever Faster – leaning on our history and heritage to push sport and culture forward through design and innovation.” 

Apparel and NFTs

When apparel brands like Nike and Puma first got into NFTs, some were sceptical and declared them a fad that would not last. But given the continued release of projects by these brands, this has been proven false and needless to say, we can only expect more.


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