Redditor Turns NFT Criticisms into Digital Assets

Since they came on the scene, NFTs have been constantly criticized by everyone from Bill Gates to people on the internet. From being called a fad to being accused of being nothing but a scam, there’s little that hasn’t been said about them. 

While most NFT lovers either take these comments in stride or try to change people’s minds, one Reddit user took a different approach. A Redditor who goes by the name busterrulezzz has released a new NFT collection that is comprised of all the top anti-NFT comments from around the internet. 

Minting Criticism 

Reddit as a platform is known for its jokes, satire and trolling and so the users’ ‘Worthless JPEGs!’ NFT collection is right at home there. As they explain, this collection serves multiple purposes. First, it documents the sheer amount of criticism and mockery that the NFT space has received, immortalizing them on the same blockchains where NFTs are built. 

Second, it’s simply a source of entertainment for those within the community, poking fun at their critics who poke fun at them. Finally, they explain, that this is a way of ‘building’ a portfolio or project during the ongoing crypto slump, which is common advice given to NFT and crypto users. 

“With this collection, my objective is to summarize what skeptics have to say about NFTs, capturing an era that I am sure will be studied for decades to come,” the user said. 

Redditor Turns NFT Criticisms into Digital Assets

Posted to the popular r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, the collection comprises 50 NFTs of anti-crypto quotes, satirical images, or derogatory comments. Out of the 50 minted, 40 were pulled from other Redditors and the other ten are attributed to public figures such as Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff, and Dan Olson. 

Not only is this collection a way to entertain and bond with their fellow NFT lovers but it also has several elements that allude to both blockchains and crypto culture as a whole.

“My NFTs are steeped in crypto culture. First, each quote is accompanied by a provocative signature, in homage to the trolling so common in our ecosystem. Second, they are full of hidden easter eggs alluding to the Ethereum blockchain: can you find them all?” the post says.

Since it went live, the post has received thousands of upvotes and virtual awards from other Redditors, many of whom applauded the user’s creativity and optimism in the face of both criticism and a crypto bear market. 

NFT Communities Online 

While NFTs are constantly the subject of criticism, both online and offline, the community behind them remains tight-knit and optimistic. As we can see from this new collection, the community is also not above poking fun at its critics and turning its challenges into art. 

This also shows how versatile NFTs can be in that practically everything can be turned into an NFT, even things that are designed to mock them. One can only hope that the community maintains this optimism over the years, regardless of what comes its way.


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