Snoop Dogg Will Sell Himself as an NFT

It’s hard being a music fan. Sometimes you want to get as close to your favorite artists as possible. You buy their music, go to their shows, buy their merchandise, and follow them on social media. 

But what if that isn’t enough and you want more? Well, you can always buy one of their body parts. As an NFT, that is. 

You read that right; you can now buy the body part of your favorite musician thanks to a new NFT project announced by rapper Snoop Dogg. According to a statement from Snoop Dogg, he will be releasing an NFT collection with 17 limited edition pieces. 

But unlike your traditional NFT collection, it will not feature artwork or music but body parts. 

Details About the Project

As per the statement, each piece in the collection will represent a part of his own tokenized body. Once the collection drops, fans can purchase pieces using Snoop Dogg’s own $DoggPound tokens. These tokens can be gotten from the rapper’s Metavizzle BroadusBanks.

The ‘bank’ can be accessed on several platforms including The Sandbox, Fortnite and The OASIS. The presale for the collection will close at midday, April 1, 2022.

This NFT collection is not the only project that Snoop Dogg will be releasing. An EP featuring a reworking of some of his most iconic tracks such as ‘The One and Only’ and ‘Still D.R.E.’ will be released at the same time. The updated lyrics will make reference to the metaverse and blockchain. 

Some of the new lyrics include “I’m the OG of web3, swapping the thug life for the debug life with my fans at the coding controls. While my mind’s on my money, now your money can own my mind. Or my shoulders, knees, toes…”

Snoop Dogg Will Sell Himself as an NFT

This new project is part of a collaboration between the rapper and Looflirpa Ventures. This is also not the first time that Snoop Dogg has gotten involved with crypto and blockchain. Besides his aforementioned Metavizzle BroadusBanks, he has also bought a property in the metaverse, launched several NFTs, and has a crypto portfolio reportedly in the millions. 

While many celebrities are getting into blockchain and crypto these days, few are quite as passionate about the industry as Snoop Dogg. This new collection that tokenizes body parts, however, is perhaps one of the more experimental projects he or anyone else has put out into the market. 

Digital Bodies  

We buy a lot of things as an NFT; memes, pictures, and even songs. But what do you do with an NFT of a body part? If you had the NFT of Snoop Dogg’s mouth, do you have any rights to the songs he’s performed? Or do you just get bragging rights and the joy of having a (digital) piece of your favourite rapper?

Either way, Snoop Dogg is certainly one of the most creative people in the NFT space. Not only is a project like this pushing the boundary of what we can do with NFTs but the rapper’s star power shines a light on NFTs as a whole.


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