Tag Heuer Watches Can Now Display NFTs

While many of us might have an understanding of what NFTs are, some of us might be confused about how they are displayed. Sure, you might pay money for a piece of digital art or some virtual asset, but where do you put it? 

Does it lay permanently in your digital wallet? So far, the only places that NFTs seem to be displayed are Twitter profile pictures. However, luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer is here to change all of this and offer new options to NFT buyers.

According to a new announcement, the watchmaker will be launching new functionality that will allow NFTs to be displayed on smartwatches.

NFT Displays

According to the announcement, this new functionality will work via a connection to crypto wallets through which NFTs can be displayed on the face of Tag Heuer smartwatches. NFTs are typically stored in digital wallets that can also house cryptocurrency and by connecting these wallets, the NFTs can be accessed. 

This functionality will first be available to owners of the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch, as well as on the Apple and Google Play stores. Through this update, users can connect their crypto wallets like Metamask and all the Ethereum-based NFTs stored in them.

There will be three modes through which NFTs can be displayed on the watches and this development is very significant for the industry. For many people, NFTs are seen as abstract concepts that have few interactions with the material world. 

But if NFTs are regularly being displayed on watch faces and people ‘see’ them more in their day-to-day lives, they are demystified. 

This is a sentiment that Frédéric Arnault, the CEO of Tag Heuer, has shared, stating, “We think that the wrist is a great place to display your NFT — to have it close to you but also as a way of authentication between members of the community, like a badge of honour, in a subdued way,” 

This is not the first time that Tag Heuer as a brand has embraced digital assets. Earlier this year, the brand began taking cryptocurrency as payments on their official website. This was despite some of the volatility seen in the industry at the time. Still, Arnault remained undeterred and believes that cryptocurrency was the right move. 

 “We already sold nice pieces,” he says. “Now, we will speak more directly to the community. We remain very confident in the mid-term. There is volatility, but overall there was very strong growth last year and we are expecting strong growth this year,” he said.

Showing Off

As more people are buying NFTs, it makes sense to give them more avenues to show them off to others. Again, other people casually seeing NFTs in their daily lives helps to normalise them. 

But also, they simply serve as a means for NFT users to see their assets daily in the same ways they would want to see any other thing they have bought, be it a designer dress or an expensive luxury watch.


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