Tezos to Deliver Generative Art in Miami

Last year, Tezos, the energy-efficient blockchain, made headlines when it delivered an interactive NFT exhibition at Art Basel in Miami. This marked the first exhibition of its kind at the annual art festival and showed how far NFTs had progressed in the art space.

It also seems that it was a success, as Tezos has announced that it will be participating in this year’s Art Basel as well. This time, the exhibition will be an interactive, live-minting experience titled Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art. 

Tezos Comes to Miami

This exhibition will be created in collaboration with the generative art platform fxhash and will be available to view from December 1, 2022, to December 3, 2022. Its theme is mathematical probability and the ways in which this influences art and its value. 

To execute this, visitors to Art Basel will be invited to scan a QR code that lets them instantly mint an NFT. This NFT artwork will be displayed on a screen as well as delivered to their wallet. As more people do this, the exhibition space will change to reflect the number of NFTs that have been claimed and those who participate will also be told the value of their pieces.

Within the NFT world, the rarity of an asset is a major factor that determines its value and those who visit will be able to see this manifest in real-time. What is the value of the first NFT minted vs the last of its batch? This exhibition will reveal this to its participants. 

Tezos to Deliver Generative Art in Miami

Several interactive artists will also participate in the exhibition such as Tyler Boswell, DistCollective, and IskraVelitchkova. The exhibition will see codes written by the artists included so that when a QR code is scanned, an artwork is generated based on an artist’s code. Given that artists have different styles, all sorts of works will come out of this for visitors to enjoy. 

This is a rather unique way for visitors to interact with art. Typically, visitors to an art festival would see art displayed but not necessarily ‘interact’ with it. This exhibition breaks the mould because not only do the visitors get to request an artwork of their own but also get to see its value change in real-time. 

As with many exhibitions, there is also the discussion aspect of Tezos’ Art Basel appearance. It has been announced that several artists within the Tezos ecosystem will take part in a conversation series that will hold on December 2 from 3 pm to 6 pm and December 3 from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

The two conversations will be titled ‘Hybrid Worlds: Breaking Creative Boundaries’ and ‘NFTs: Worlding Differently’ and will be hosted by Serpentine Arts Technologies.


Tezos’ return to Art Basel shows that NFTs’ presence within the art world is here to stay. And the setup of its latest exhibition shows that NFTs and blockchain have a lot of interactive and innovative concepts to offer the space.


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