Worlds Oldest Aquarium Launching NFTs

One of the fascinating aspects of NFTs is the fact that they can do so much. From entertaining their holders to documenting history, they can certainly do it all. Now, a new NFT project is unlocking yet another utility for them; educating the public about science and technology.  

The Aquarium de Paris, the oldest public aquarium in the world, has announced a new NFT collection that centres around its jellyfish. Due to be launched on December 16, 2022, the collection will consist of 1,234 Jellyfish-based NFTs and represents one of the more novel applications of NFTs we have seen so far.

In many ways, this is a historic NFT collection as the Aquarium de Paris is the first aquarium in the world to launch an NFT collection, Given how high-profile it is, it would come as no surprise if others follow suit. 


It should be noted that the Aquarium de Paris has an enviable collection of jellyfish at its disposal, the largest outside of Japan. This ties into the collection very closely, as the NFTs are 1:1 replicas of jellyfish that are in the aquarium. 

This was ensured by a team of marine biologists who confirmed the details for each jellyfish such as their names and ages which are recorded on the blockchain and accessible to buyers. The result of this was a collection that boasts 60 visuals of 3D-modeled jellyfish and 24 different backgrounds which are also the first of their kind. 

As the aquarium explains, the goal of this collection is both to promote science education and also support wildlife conservation. Not only do those who buy the NFTs get to learn about marine life but the funds raised from the sales will go towards the marine life housed in the aquarium. 

Aquarium de Paris NFTs

Besides the sentimental value, educational benefit, and the joy of supporting the sciences, the holders of the NFTs will also enjoy a number of perks. These will include free access to the Aquarium, guided tours with aquarium staff, in-store discounts, and much more. 

Truly, NFTs have found an interesting application here and as the management of the museum explains, it has always been at the forefront of innovation. 

“From its inception in 1867, the Paris Aquarium has been at the heart of innovation. The first modern aquarium built in the heart of the industrial revolution, it left a deep impression on people and inspired Jules Vernes to write Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Today, as the era of virtual reality begins, the Paris Aquarium claims to be a pioneer of the Metaverse.” says Alexis Powilewicz, CEO of the Paris Aquarium.

What This Means

Not only is this a great initiative from the aquarium but it could also lead to more of its kind springing forth. Before now, no one might have thought of NFTs being used by this sort of institution but moving forward, we could see more high-profile aquariums, museums, and others stepping into the NFT space.


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