Yuga Labs Announces Second Otherside Release

As 2022 comes to an end, the NFT community has a chance to look back at some of the biggest projects this year, one of which was Yuga Labs’ Otherside and Otherdeed launch. Acting as the company’s foray into the metaverse, the Otherdeed sale especially made a splash, selling out very quickly and commanding small fortunes in minting fees. 

Well, it seems that we’re getting more of this next year as Yuga Labs has confirmed that it will be conducting another stress test of the Otherside metaverse next year that will allow fans to participate. The lore within the Otherside metaverse has been developing over the last few months and centres around a quest to defeat an evil entity. Now it turns out that the battle is far from finished. 

“Voyagers ventured into Otherside this year with First Trip, with nearly 5,000 concurrent users joining up with Curtis and Blue to face off against a corrupted giant Koda. Next year Voyagers will continue their journey with more trips and opportunities to make their mark as a persistent metaverse experience comes into view,” Yuga Labs says.

Details About the Second Trip

In an official end-of-year blog post, Yuga Labs confirmed that the second Otherside trip will be held in March 2023. However, it will differ from the first trip in a number of ways, such as new environments and mechanics being added. The first Otherside trip was lauded for its visuals which included several Bored Ape references and this new one will take this to the next level. 

“Second Trip will be a huge step for Otherside and will be more gamified and high energy. The introduction of these new spaces and mechanics will make for a far richer experience, and enable the space to open much more frequently,” the announcement said. 

The post also noted that while customizable avatars will not be available for this next trip, a solution for users will be announced soon. Customisable avatars are a major appeal of the metaverse and Yuga Labs clearly wants to give its customers the full experience. 

The post also teased a series of activations that will take place in Otherside in 2023, as well as interactive site-based experiences. These activations will see Otherside users meet and interact with one another and as Yuga Labs puts it, will give them a chance to prepare for the metaverse’s wider launch. 

Benefits for the Industry 

But beyond Yuga Labs itself, this could be a great way to drive engagement among NFT users, especially given the current market condition. Blockchain-based assets have seen a slump across the board and NFTs have not been exempt. Doing this reinforces the idea that web3 projects and even NFTs have value beyond the speculative. 

Otherside has been one of the biggest metaverse projects to date and from all indications, it will only continue on this path well into the new year. While no one can fully predict the state of the industry in 2023, it is clear that we will see a lot more of Otherside.


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