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Ethereum’s popularity and large developer base make it the largest blockchain for NFTs. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most wallets support Ethereum-based tokens (ERC-721 standard). With all that choice around, the key question to ask is ‘what is the best Ethereum wallet for NFTs?’.

Luckily for you, we have done all the research to compile a list of the top five Ethereum based wallets for NFTs in 2022. Each of these wallets is well-known in the Ethereum community and has its pros, cons, and distinct features that make it the right choice for different people. This review will help you to find the most suitable Ethereum NFT wallet for your specific case.

1. MetaMask


MetaMask is the most popular crypto wallet that allows you to interact with the Ethereum network. It has both a mobile and a browser extension that allow you to use Web 3.0 marketplaces with just a couple of clicks. 

Many crypto enthusiasts believe MetaMask is the best Ethereum NFT wallet. You barely find an Ethereum wallet overview that doesn’t mention MetaMask wallet and for a good reason. First of all, it is easier to use than almost any other Ethereum wallet. MetaMask is relatively easy to set up for anyone with basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and allows users to store ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens made on the Ethereum network alongside coins from other networks.

As the most popular Ethereum NFT wallet with open-source code and a committed team, MetaMask is sure to improve at a faster rate than any other Ethereum wallet on the market.

MetaMask Pros & Cons

+Transactions are synchronized in both mobile apps and web apps
+Built-in browser for exploring NFT and DeFi applications
+Users can easily create and switch between multiple ETH addresses of their own
+The mobile app also supports the direct transfer of ERC-721 tokens from one address to another
+Built-in support for direct exchange between Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens
+It has one of the best encryption technology that stores each user’s password and private keys in their devices
-No two-factor authorization (2FA). That’s a deal-breaker for some people as 2FA is what takes the security of your account to the next level.
-MetaMask is only compatible with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains. For example, you can’t store Solana-based NFTs in a MetaMask wallet.
-There are also concerns about the wallet sharing identifiable information with data collection networks.

2. Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase Wallet is often touted as the most complete Ethereum wallet. Just like MetaMask, this wallet is also immensely popular and it was the first crypto-related business to be recorded on the NASDAQ stock market. 

Coinbase Wallet has made our list because it’s an ideal tool for beginner Ethereum NFT traders. It has a user-friendly interface that’s easily understood by everyone. 

Coinbase Wallet Pros & Cons

+The simplest mobile interface you have ever seen. Really.
+Support of more than 50 different cryptocurrencies.
+One of the rare wallets that allows you to transfer Ethereum by using usernames instead of wallet addresses.
+One-click option to back up your private keys on a personal cloud drive for safety.
+Along with the mobile wallet, Coinbase has a browser extension that you can use to trade NFTs on different websites without having to go back and forth between their website and the site you’re trading on.
+Will support Coinbase NFT marketplace when it launched, where users can mint, collect, and view their NFTs.
-It is a hot wallet, meaning it is connected to the internet whenever your phone it
-Offers cloud backups of private keys, which is a terrible idea that one day will lead to an unlucky user losing all their funds

3. MathWallet


MathWallet is not as well known as the other wallets listed here, but it provides some additional benefits nevertheless, including the storage and display of Ethereum NFTs. It is also MetaMask’s biggest competitor as they both offer similar features, although one area where it has MetaMask badly beaten is the number of blockchains it accepts. While MetaMask only supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and a few other testnets, MathWallet supports over 100 different blockchains!

MathWallet Pros & Cons

+MathWallet is an all-rounder thanks to its multi-platform support and cross-chain ability. It offers versions compatible with web, desktop, and mobile phones that sync across devices.
+It is a multi-chain wallet for Web3 with support for more than 100 public chains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and many others .
+It is a trusted company backed by several large businesses, including Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, and Binance Labs.
+Quick access to numerous DEXes.
+Large developing ecosystem: Math Vault, Math Chain, Math Token, Math Giveaway, Math Gas.
+Suitable for staking.
+It has a built-in Dapp browser that enables users to view different NFT marketplaces.
-Some people have complained that MathWallet’s interface is clunky
-Reports of some bugs and crashes

4. Trust Wallet


Brought to us by Binance, Trust Wallet is a mobile-only wallet that allows its users to store, trade, and cash out NFTs through a secure system. A lot of people like this wallet because it doesn’t require users to give out any personal information to get started — which is the very essence and the entire appeal behind the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Trust wallet has made our list because it is a versatile product that provides a smooth experience for both Android and iOS users. It has been built with mobile users in mind, and as a result, it has hands down the best interface for mobile phones.

Trust Wallet Pros & Cons

+It has a great user-friendly UI that brings out the beauty of NFTs
+In just a couple of simple steps, you can set up this wallet for trading NFTs
+Support for multiple blockchains gives you more options to choose from
+You can buy over a hundred different cryptocurrencies with this wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, TRON, and Bitcoin Cash
+It has a built-in exchange feature that makes it easy to swap cryptocurrencies
+Trust Wallet offers one-click access to NFT applications
+It can also work as a cryptocurrency as well as a DeFi wallet
-Only available on mobile
-Affiliation with Binance could see Ethereum NFT applications take second place in terms of development
-Remains connected to the internet whenever the device is

5. Enjin Wallet


Enjin Wallet is often touted as the home of NFT and crypto traders. It provides the ideal environment for traders to conduct their business, maintain their portfolios, and connect with other traders.

Enjin is a blockchain-based wallet for collecting in-game unique tokens and other collectibles. It offers the ability to store both NFTs and numerous cryptocurrencies, as well as hosting a trading platform that allows you to trade digital assets. That is why many consider it the best wallet for NFTs, including Ethereum NFTs.

Enjin Wallet has made our list for several reasons. For instance, it’s one of the rare wallets that enable you to connect your hardware – like Ledger or Trezor – to your wallet app. It also allows you to make as many accounts as you want for whatever purpose. 

Enjin Wallet Pros & Cons

+The Enjin Wallet offers one of the best user interfaces for collecting NFTs
+There is a built-in marketplace for trading in-game NFTs and other digital assets
+Users can also easily convert one cryptocurrency to another using the built-in exchange feature
+The wallet can store multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Polkadot, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens
+The app also has advanced security features, including auto-lock and biometrics. It allows you to use a biometric signature to approve transactions. So you don’t need to remember any long phrases.
+Enjin Wallet allows you to use ChangeTip to transfer BTC and LTC from your wallet and also convert them into fiat.
-Can only be accessed via a mobile device
-Many users find its interface to be lacking in certain areas


In this article, we reviewed the top five best Ethereum NFT wallets to help you decide which one to go with. Even though all candidates are well-known in the crypto and NFT community, you should ask yourself what you want from a wallet and what features it should have before you make a final decision. 

Don’t forget though that Ethereum NFT wallets are all free, so why not try them all out and see what suits you best?

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