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CreatorCool Cats LLC
Project nameCool Cats
Launch dateJuly 1, 2021
Max supply10,000
Floor price5.5 ETH
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The complete guide to Cool Cats

Cool Cats is an NFT collection that launched back on July 1, 2021. 

It’s an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique Generation 1 Cool Cats. 

There are plans for a second generation of Cool Cats along with more features, such as breeding. 

The 10,000 Cool Cats were randomly minted from a pool of 300,000 possible traits, creating the coolest Cool Cats around!

What are Cool Cats?

The Cool Cats NFT collection is brought to you by Cool Cats LLD and is one of many cat themed NFT collections. 

It features 10,000 Cool Cats that were generated from a potential 300,000 traits. 

100 of those Cool Cats were reserved for airdrops and giveaways, and 4 Cool Cats were given to staff members. 

For now, the Cool Cats NFT is just an NFT, but it comes with a non-exclusive license, so you can do just about anything you want with the Cool Cats that you own. 

Whether that’s updating your LinkedIn profile picture or getting a billboard in the middle of Los Angeles, what you can do with your Cool Cats is only limited by your imagination. 

There is a second generation of Cool Cats planned, but there’s not much information available about this phase right now. 

What we do know is that you’ll be able to breed your Gen 1 Cool Cats to create Gen 2 Cool Cats. 

Cool Cats LLC is also planning to create a space for Cool Cats to hang out, which could be a metaverse or a partnership with an existing metaverse. 

Cool Cats are worth points, and the more points the cat has, the rarer it is. 

This is down to traits assigned to the Cool Cat in question. 

So, let’s dive into traits and how the Cool Cats point system works!

How does trait combination impact Cool Cats?

As we all know, traits directly impact the value of NFTs.

Cool Cats implements this system in a really easy to understand way. 

Rather than just saying a particular Cool Cat is rare or common, Cool Cats have points. 

The more points a Cool Cat has, the rarer it is. 

This takes out all the guesswork and allows you to price up your Cool Cat collection quickly and easily. 

It also makes the buying process simpler as you know what the fair market value of a particular Cool Cat should be. 

The Cool Cat point scale goes from 3 – 10, with 3 being cool and super common to 10 being exotic and super rare. 

These points are then grouped into categories of rareness, or coolness as Cool Cats like to call it. 

This works out a little like this. 


As you can see, the cooler, or rare, the Cool Cat is, the less there is of that coolness level. 

Certain traits come up less often than others, which leads to the increase in coolness. 

For example, only 0.72% of Cool Cats have the Astro Helmet trait, which makes it worth more money than say an Angry Scar which 2% of Cool Cats have. 

Interestingly, Blue Skin is considered a trait, yet 100% of Cool Cats have this. 

Usually, skin color is considered a trait, but in all the other cases the skin color can be different. 

So it’s slightly odd as to why Cool Cats decide to have a single skin color and name it a trait. 

Perhaps this is a clue as to what Gen 2 has in store for the Cool Cat universe!

How can you trade Cool Cats?

Now you know how to work out the price of Cool Cats, it’s time to dive into trading them. 

Thanks to the coolness meter, you can quickly and easily figure out the true market value of all Cool Cats. 

A lot are for sale well above the true market value for their coolness, meaning that it’s hard to find a good option to buy Cool Cats right now. 

It’s definitely a Cool Cat seller’s market at the moment, with only 4 Cool Cats currently listed for the fair market value or at a discount. 

In order to trade Cool Cats, you’ll need a MetaMask wallet with some Ethereum in it. 

Connect your MetaMask wallet up to a NFT marketplace and you can begin buying and selling Cool Cats in an instant. 

The Cool Cats market has a 24hr volume of 250.32 ETH, which is not that great as far as NFT collections go. 

This means that day trading Cool Cats might be a little tricky. 

However, if you don’t mind trading Cool Cats on a longer-term scale, then there’s decent potential to make some NFT cash. 

What was the most expensive Cool Cat?

NFTs are selling like hot cakes, and the resale market for them is even more wild. 

Cool Cats could be minted back in July for 0.06ETH, but the floor price is now set at 7.2ETH. 

The most expensive Cool Cat sale ever to take place was worth 320 ETH. 

This Cool Cat was 1 or 9 “hidden” Cool Cats that were created by 2 of the team members in secret. 

There are 8 others out there and will likely sell for the same, if not more. 

The Cool Cat that sold for 320ETH is Cool Cat #1490 and will certainly make you shriek if it catches you unaware!

There is a Cool Cat up for sale for 10,110 ETH, and is an exotic tier Cool Cat. 

However, a lot of its traits are owned by more than 1% of all other cats, which is a little less rare than some of the others out there. 

Where can I find Cool Cats for sale?

Gen 1 Cool Cats have all been minted, meaning the only way to get your hands on Cool Cats is through an NFT marketplace. 

There will also be a handful of airdrops through special Cool Cats events, but these are extremely hard to come by and there’s no guarantee. 

So, your best bet is to head on over to the hottest NFT marketplaces and snap up a few Cool Cats for yourself. 

OpenSea has virtually all of the Cool Cats that are currently up for sale, meaning that it’s the go-to marketplace if you want to snap up some Cool Cats. 

There are a handful listed on other NFT marketplaces, but the selection on these marketplaces is a little thin. 

How to buy Cool Cats?

When you’re ready to buy a Cool Cat, head on over to OpenSea. 

Connect up your MetaMask wallet and fill it with enough Ethereum to buy the Cool Cat that you want to buy. 

You can either opt to buy instantly at the value the Cool Cat seller has listed, or you can place a bid and hope it gets accepted. 

Now, the right move here really depends on you and the Cool Cat that you want to buy. 

If it’s an exotic Cool Cat that’s not wildly priced, we’re looking at you Cool Cat #3520, then it might be worth the buy now option. 

This means that your bid will be accepted automatically, and the Cool Cat is now yours. 

If you do this, then you avoid having to bid and possibly paying a lot more for the same Cool Cat. 

On the other hand, if the Cool Cats is wildly priced, you might be able to make a decent offer that the seller will accept. 

These are always worth doing, especially if it’s a Cool Cat that you’ve set your heart on. 

Are you a Cool Cat?

There are just 10,000 Cool Cats up for grabs with Gen 1, and they all have the unique blue skin. 

Gen 2 is just around the corner and we’re expecting it to be a major even for the Cool Cats universe. 

Our best advice here is to set the minting date for Gen 2 on your calendar and make sure that you’re part of the action. 

With a metaverse coming shortly after Gen 2’s launch as well as breeding, which hints at some sort of yield generation from Cool Cats, it’s certainly a party that you don’t want to miss out on!


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