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Project nameCyberKongz
Launch dateMarch 3, 2021
Max supply20,000
Floor price7.25
Price currencyETHER
BlockchainEthereum, Pologon, Klaytn
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Guide to CyberKongz

CyberKongz is a gorilla themed NFT collection that has spawned 2 additional generations. 

The OG CyberKongz, also known as the genesis CyberKongz, launched as a collection of 1,000, with #989 kept as the brand mascot. 

In March 2021, 60% of the profits from the CyberKongz drop was donated to Cool Earth and Orangutan Outreach to help protect wildlife and the rainforests. 

Then in June, all of the Baby Kongs were minted and the CyberKongz VX collection was announced to the world. 

These are playable voxel-based avatars that you can use in various metaverses – how cool is that!

What are CyberKongz?

CyberKongz come in 3 breeds – Ogs, Baby Kongs and CyberKongz VX. 

The OG collection is made up of 999 CyberKongz that all have various traits. 

There are 10 legendary CyberKongz from the OG collection that were all sold separately from the general mint, with these selling for around 20 ETH each on average. 

The OG CyberKongz also allows you to earn 10 $BANANA every day. 

That means for every single CyberKongz that you own from the OG collection, you’ll get 1 $BANANA every single day. 

It’s best to store all of your OG CyberKongz in the same wallet so that you can save on gas fees. 

This earning will last for the next 10 years and the $BANANA will slowly become the main currency of the CyberKongz universe. 

You can already use it to breed Baby Kongz, but there are more plans for the future. 

Then we come to the Baby Kongz. 

These are 2nd generation CyberKongz and will cost you 600 $BANANA tokens to mint each one. 

You also need 2 OG CyberKongz to be able to breed one of these Baby Kongz, so get saving! 

You can rename your Baby Kong with $BANANA and you’ll also unlock a cool backstory along with unique Discord servers just for owning one. 

Finally, we meet the CyberKongz VX. 

These are the 3rd and most recent generation of the CyberKongz collection. 

These guys are voxel-based avatars that can be used in various metaverses as avatars. 

Currently you can only use them in the Sandbox metaverse, but other collaborations are in the works. 

There are also some crazy plans in the works to develop a habitat for these CyberKongz VX where you’ll be able to play fun games and chill in the treetops with other CyberKongz. 

Again, you can change their names by using $BANANA tokens. 

It’s unknown whether we’ll see a 4th generation of CyberKongz at this point, but all signs point to the fact that we probably will. 

What are CyberKongz traits?

CyberKongz all come with a range of traits, with each trait commanding a different price based on its rarity. 

Sticking with the current NFT trends, CyberKongz with a ghost trait are amongst the most expensive ones available to buy on OpenSea

Each generation of CyberKongz has its own set of potential traits. 

The Genesis and Baby generations have 62 potential traits, while the Legendary generation has 10 potential traits. 

Traits include various glasses, types of mouths, ties, tees, hair styles, jewellery, cigarettes, and bibs. 

The traits for the Baby Kongz are more childish and playful than the OG collection. 

How does trait combination impact CyberKongz Value?

Given that everything on the CyberKongz is a trait, the only way that traits can impact the value is by how often they’re used. 

For example, a Genesis Kong with a Stoner trait will be worth a lot more than a Baby Kongz with a Propeller Hat. 

Stoner is only seen on 0.02% of all CyberKongz while propeller hat is seen on .84%. 

The less a trait is used, the more money that CyberKongz will be worth in the long run. 

The most desired CyberKongz are those with fewer whacky traits and more subtle ones, such as no ties, no glasses, no hair, no cigarettes and so on. 

Those with 1 or 2 standout traits are the most desirable at the moment, with 1 trait CyberKongz going for the most money. 

As always, ghost traits are the most expensive in the collection. 

How can you trade CyberKongz?

If you’ve got your hands on a CyberKongz or you want to start trading CyberKongz, you can with ease. 

All 3 generations have been fully minted, meaning that they’re all floating around. 

The largest collection of CyberKongz for trading can be found on OpenSea

It is the biggest NFT marketplace, so it stands to reason that you’ll be able to trade CyberKongz there without too much trouble. 

To trade CyberKongz, you’ll either need a CyberKongz or some cryptocurrency in order to buy one and get started. 

If you’ve got a CyberKongz already, you can then list it for sale on an NFT marketplace. 

Once it’s up for sale, you can set a price and wait to see what types of bids you get. 

If you’ve got one with less common traits, then you’ll be able to fetch a decent price for your CyberKongz, especially if you got it during the minting process. 

The current floor price is 9,5ETH, so if you bought at minting, you’ll be in profit at least 9,45ETH. 

What was the most expensive CyberKongz?

Traits play a major role in the valuation of CyberKongz, and the more unique your trait is, the more your CyberKongz can be worth. 

The most expensive CyberKongz to ever sell was CyberKong #225. 

It sold for 500,000USDC on October 3, 2021. 

CyberKong #225 has 2 rare traits and 3 common traits. 

As it stands, the most expensive CyberKongz NFT for sale is currently worth 696,969 ETH, but it’s a fairly average CyberKongz NFT and will never sell for that much. 

The most realistic contender for the highest price CyberKongz NFT is 10,000ETH as it’s a ghost CyberKongz, which are incredibly rare. 

Only 0.02% of all CyberKongz have this trait, meaning it’s likely the only one in existence. 

Where can I find CyberKongz for sale?

All of the CyberKongz have been minted, so your only way to get one now is by buying it from an NFT marketplace. 

Currently, OpenSea has the biggest and best range of CyberKongz for sale. 

There are CyberKongz for sale ranging in price from 696,969ETH all the way to 7ETH, so there’s plenty of choice. 

If you’re looking for a CyberKongz for sale that’s a good bargain, meaning one that’s below the current floor price, there are around 8 of them. 

However, none are significantly below the current floor price, meaning it’ll be a tough scalp if you are planning on a quick flip. 

How to buy CyberKongz?

If you want to buy CyberKongz, then you’re going to need to head on over to an NFT marketplace. 

OpenSea has the best collection, but there are a few for sale on Rarible and Super Rare. 

To buy a CyberKongz from an NFT marketplace, you’ll need to connect your wallet of choice to your market of choice. 

MetaMask is the best option here as it’s safe, secure and reliable, not to mention the fact the browser extension is incredibly handy. 

You’ll need to have enough Ether in your wallet to cover the cost of buying the CyberKongz you have in mind, plus a little extra for the gas fees. 

If you want to buy an OG CyberKong, then you’ll need to pay more as these come with a premium price tag thanks to the 10 $BANANA that they earn every day. 

You can opt to buy at the price set by the seller, or you can opt to place a bid 

If the seller is asking for too much money, you can place a bid for a fair market price.

There’s a good chance that the owner will accept the bid and you’ll have scored a great deal. 

But, if you want to buy CyberKong that has a lower asking price than it’s true value, it’s worth hitting buy now to snap up that bargain. 

Once you’ve picked your CyberKong, complete the transaction and it’ll make its way to your wallet. 

Buying CyberKongz is as simple as that!

CyberKongz are saving the planet

Not many NFT collections can boast the fact that they’re helping the planet and nature. 

During the minting process, 60% of the profits were kept aside and then donated to 2 incredible charities that help the planet. 

Very few NFT collections do this, plus give you an epic NFT that will make you the OG around the metaverse. 

The fact that you can earn 10 $BANANA daily as well for simply holding an OG CyberKong is fantastic. 

This gives CyberKongz a real versatility and purpose that a lot of other NFT collections don’t have. 

The VX collection has a lot of potential, so we can’t wait to see how that pans out in the coming months. 

So, if you’re looking to monkey around and want to do your bit for the planet, CyberKongz is the NFT collection for you!


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