Deserted Zebras

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Project nameDeserted Zebras
Launch dateTBC
Max supply10,000
Floor price0.05
Price currencyETH
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Deserted Zebras NFT Collection

The Deserted Zebras NFT collection is a set of 10,000 hand-crafted zebra themed NFTs.

Not only is Deserted Zebras a fun and stylish NFT collection, but owning one will give you access to an exclusive metaverse where you can hang out with other collectors, explore, and earn epic rewards.

Deserted Zebras is pushing the boundaries of the NFT world, and we’ll likely see this ambitious project go on to achieve great things!

Deserted Zebras Description

The theme of the Deserted Zebras NFT collection is, well, zebras.

The collection is made up of 10,000 classy zebras, dressed up for various occasions.

These are without a doubt the jazziest zebras that I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen far too many zebras for one person.

Deserted Zebras are fun and stylish, making them the perfect NFT for any fashionista or anyone that cares about being the best dressed animal at the party.

The Deserted Zebras are neatly illustrated, with each trait receiving meticulous attention to detail during the design process.

During the minting process, the hundreds of various traits are thrown into an AI system which then randomly mixes everything together and creates 10,000 epic Deserted Zebras.

Owning a Deserted Zebra NFT will not only benefit your fashion sense, but it’ll also give you a boatload of epic goodies and rewards.

During the minting process, there will be drops that include free Ethereum and Deserted Zebras!

When 15% of the collection has been minted, the rewards will begin.

At this point, 10 early minters will be selected at random to receive a rare Deserted Zebra.

Once 25% of the collection has been minted, 5ETH will be given to 5 lucky minters.

There will also be an ultra-rare Deserted Zebra giveaway at this point too.

When 50% of the Deserted Zebras NFT collection has been minted, the Deserted Zebras metaverse island will start propagation.

This will give the grass plenty of time to grow so that your Deserted Zebra has a nice pasture to graze on when it’s not chilling in your wallet.

When 75% of the Deserted Zebras have been minted, 20 Deserted Zebra holders will split 10ETH, working out at .5ETH each.

Finally, once 100% of the Deserted Zebras collection has been minted, 10ETH will be given to 10 random Deserted Zebra holders, and an additional 25 rare Deserted Zebras will be given out at random too.

As a final treat, the Deserted Zebras metaverse island preview will be ready for you to enjoy, and the launch date for the metaverse will be revealed.

So, as you can see, there’s oodles of fun and goodies waiting for you during the minting process and beyond!

If you want to get to know the team behind Deserted Zebras, then you’re in safe hands.

There is a team of 3 excellent minds working day and night to get Deserted Zebras off the ground.

AlphaZeb is the lead developer, AlanPT4 is the lead artist, while LandonCt5 is in charge of the social media efforts.

Together, these guys have created the impressive Deserted Zebras, so let’s all give them a round of applause.

How are Deserted Zebras made?

The Deserted Zebras are so cool and stylish, so let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see just how these epic NFTs were made.

AlanPT4 led the design process for the Deserted Zebras collection, illustrating thousands of different aspects of the collection with meticulous attention to detail.

These were all drawn by hand using an illustration program on his computer, and then fed into an AI system.

The AI system then combined the various traits to create 10,000 epic Deserted Zebras ready for you to mint and strut around the Deserted Zebras metaverse.

How do I mint Deserted Zebras?

Minting your very own Deserted Zebra NFT is simple, quick, and easy, so panic not.

If you are new to the minting process, we’ll run you through it so that you can be confident during the process.

You’ll want to start by getting yourself some Ethereum into a wallet that supports NFTs.

MetaMask is a great choice here, but you can also use something like TrustWallet if you wish.

In that wallet you’ll need to have 0.05ETH for each Deserted Zebra that you want to mint, plus a little extra for gas fees.

Then, head on over to the Deserted Zebras site and connect your wallet using the “connect wallet” button in the top right-hand corner.

Pair your wallet using the instructions shown on screen, select how many Deserted Zebras you want to mint using the slider and hit mint.

Then all you need to do is confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait a few minutes.

Your Deserted Zebra(s) will then arrive in your wallet – congratulations!

How to buy Deserted Zebras

The Deserted Zebras NFT collection has yet to commence minting, so you’re not able to buy any Deserted Zebras on marketplaces just yet.

However, once minting is underway, Deserted Zebras will begin appearing on OpenSea.

Deserted Zebras has a profile on OpenSea and you can currently see two Deserted Zebra NFTs that have been placed there already.

As more Deserted Zebras are minted, you’ll be able to head to OpenSea and buy them directly from there.

You will have to connect your wallet and fill it with enough Ethereum to cover the buy price and the fees, but this isn’t tricky to do.

If you wish, you can also list your Deserted Zebras for sale on OpenSea as well – it’s totally up to you.

Deserted Zebras Collection Summary

The Deserted Zebras is without a doubt one of the funkiest NFT collections around.

They’re stylish and the exclusive Deserted Zebras metaverse sounds like it’s going to be a tantalizing experience.

The drops and free ETH throughout the minting process is a great way to boost your collection and have more power in the metaverse, so making sure you’re one of the early minters will likely pay off as a huge reward.

If Deserted Zebras can get the attention that it deserves, I can really see this project going on to big things.

But it’s that attention that’s incredibly hard to get.

Buying a Deserted Zebra could be a gamble, but if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the lottery!


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