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CreatorLorian, Bogdan, Lared, Mino, Fishpinnen, Moderation
Project nameMeta Maya
Launch dateTBC
Max supply4,000
Floor priceTBC
Price currencyETH
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Meta Maya NFT complete guide & insights

Meta Maya is a NFT collection consisting of 4,000 unique NFTs based around the Mayan civilization. The collection is made up of 82 hand-drawn traits that will be randomly combined upon mint, creating the ultimate Mayan-themed NFT collection. The art style combines classical Mayan themes with other popular styles of NFTs, such as monkeys and zombies. 

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Meta Maya description

The Meta Maya NFT team is currently made up of 11 members. Two are co-founders, two are artists, three are developers, and four are moderators that take care of the various Meta Maya communities. This team is jam-packed full of experience, and knowhow to deliver top-quality art and technical products, giving the Meta Maya NFT collection promise.

Unlike other NFT collections, Meta Maya isn’t promising insane deliverables right off the bat, as is so common these days. Instead, Meta Maya is aiming to be the most unique and stylish PFP project around, allowing you to jazz up your social media profiles in true Mayan style. There will be some integration with a metaverse down the line, but that’s a stage 4 item on the roadmap, so this will not happen any time soon. With only 4,000 NFTs up for grabs, you’ll have to be quick if you’re going to help resurrect the Mayan culture!

Once minting of the Meta Maya collection is complete, the team will begin planning and implementing what’s known as the “Treasure Chest”, which is a DAO function and will go live after the second 3D Meta Maya collection goes live. Basically a portion of the secondary sale fees will go into the Treasure Chest and then the community can vote on where these funds are sent. Charities will be selected and the community will be able to vote, using their NFT as voting rights. 

Check out their roadmap

Meta Maya has a promising roadmap, check it out below.

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Meta Maya launching
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Meta Maya

How are Meta Maya NFTs made?

The Meta Maya NFT collection is a series of 2D hand-drawn traits. Each NFT will be randomly generated as the minting algorithm pulls together various traits from a pool of 82 traits. Each NFT will then have a random, yet unique combination of traits, meaning that every single Meta Maya NFT will be unique. 

The Meta Maya team has been slaving away to polish and refine every single trait, which will, in theory, lead to one of the most highly polished PFP NFT collections around. The art is set to be world class, and the team has spared no expense to ensure that each piece of art is completely flawless. 

How do I mint Meta Maya NFTs?

The mint date for the Meta Maya NFT collection has not yet been revealed, but it will take place on the Ethereum blockchain, so you can prepare for the big day well ahead of time. To get started, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721 tokens, such as MetaMask or Math Wallet. You can go ahead and deposit some Ethereum into your chosen wallet and await the release of the mint date and time. 

The mint fee has not yet been released, but this will become public knowledge as soon as the Meta Maya team has a mint date set for the collection. The mint will be split into two parts: a pre-sale and public sale. The pre-sale will be invite only, meaning that you’ll need to head over to the Meta Maya Discord and work your way onto the whitelist. Once you’re on the list, you’ll have a pre-sale token sent to your wallet that will let you take part in the pre-sale. 

When the pre-sale goes live on mint day, simply head to the dedicated minting area on the Meta Maya site and connect your wallet that has your pre-sale token. You’ll then be able to mint as many NFTs as you have pre-sale tokens. The public sale will then follow shortly afterwards. 

As with all mints, the NFT you mint will be sent directly to your wallet, so make sure that you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the mint, plus a little extra to cover the gas fees. The mint price and date is expected to drop with around one week’s notice. 

How to buy Meta Maya NFTs

Right now the Meta Maya NFT collection has not been minted, meaning there’s presently no way to buy a Meta Maya NFT. However, once minting is complete, you’ll be able to head over to the various ERC-721 secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea, where you’ll be able to buy a Meta Maya. Obviously on these marketplaces supply and demand will control the price, so you’ll be at the mercy of the sellers. 

The best way to ensure you get your very own Meta Maya NFT at a reasonable price is to head on over to the Meta Maya Discord channel and get on the whitelist. The Meta Maya team is currently working on creating an OpenSea collection and getting it verified so that once the collection has been minted, you’ll be able to easily find it on OpenSea and distinguish it from any scams or fake clones that appear. 

Meta Maya ape


The Meta Maya NFT collection looks set to be a hot item. Packing in top-quality art with a solid roadmap filled with exciting adventures, Meta Maya could indeed be a major hit on the NFT scene. The 2D NFT collection will be the first to launch, with a 3D collection following up shortly after.

The fact that your NFT will act as voting rights for the “Treasure Chest” DAO is certainly a cool feature as you’ll be able to have a say in which forests and cultural heritage sites receive charitable donations on a regular basis. Throw in the prospect of a metaverse tie in and you quickly see why Meta Maya is one of the hottest upcoming NFT collections. 


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