Author Releases NFTs with Novel

If we think about it, NFTs seem like the stuff of science fiction; they are digital assets that cannot be replicated entirely, can be transferred seamlessly and are permanently on a blockchain. While we are using NFTs in 2022, they could fit right in with a science fiction piece set 1,000 years in the future. 

As such, novelist Rick Talbot’s new science fiction trilogy, which comes with accompanying NFTs, is a perfect fit. The author has made history by releasing his books with an NFT tied to each purchase and even a platform through which they can be redeemed. 

Details About the Trilogy

The trilogy that has been released by Talbot is titled ‘Acts of Love in Faraway Places’ and this is tied to a new platform called Not only can books be bought on this site but NFTs can be minted as well.

And these NFTs aren’t just for sentimental value; the copyright and ownership information is included in them meaning that they can be regifted. Then there is the benefit that this sort of site offers authors in that they can sell and connect with their readers without going through a publisher as a middleman. 

This is similar to the sentiments that we’ve seen surrounding educational NFTs and the benefits they give educators. In some of the newest educational NFT releases, several creators have noted how they have more creative and financial control of the content they publish. And as the author himself has said, the ebook sector could get a lot of benefits from NFTs. 

Author Releases NFTs with Novel

“My goal with this website is to show people how blockchain and NFTs can transform the eBook world. Since most people don’t use crypto today, I made the NFT optional.  […] Using blockchain and NFTs, we can make the book world more transparent and equitable, allow authors to have better control over their work, and remove some of the roadblocks that face authors who live outside of North America,” he said.

This is certainly a very interesting concept in that while it allows readers to buy the books they want, they are not forced to buy NFTs as well. It also acts as a sort of introduction to digital assets that can be leveraged even more in the future. 

As we have seen many times, fans of famous franchises will happily pay top dollar for their NFTs. From Baby Shark to Batman, NFTs connected to major IPs have already proven to be a success. Imagine if book releases were also paired up with NFTs. 

The possibilities would be endless. 

NFTs of all Trades

Just when you thought NFTs couldn’t be used in any other pieces of media, someone comes along and shows that there is truly no end to their potential applications. What Talbot has done could open up more opportunities for NFT use among authors and only time will tell where this leads. 

Hopefully, it will lead to NFTs coming to a bookstore near you.


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