Monaco’s Princess Charlene Announces NFT Collection

These days, it seems everyone is getting into NFTs. There are celebrities like Madonna and Bella Hadid who are launching NFT collections, companies like Meta and Starbucks that are developing NFT-related features and projects, and many more. 

With this in mind, it is no surprise that royalty has caught on to the trend. It was recently announced that Princess Charlene of Monaco would be launching her own NFT collection. However, this will not be a private commercial endeavour but instead, the NFTs will be sold to benefit a charitable cause. 

Details About the New Collection

As per the official announcement, this NFT collection will be a collaboration between the Princess herself and the South African artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal. The collection, titled  “OurVisionTogether”, will consist of 15 artworks of portraits of the princess. 

Once released, the NFTs will be sold online and all the proceeds will be directed towards the #feed2gether initiative, which is supported by the Princess Charlene Foundation and the LOUIS57 Foundation, which was founded by South African golf champion Louis Oosthuizen. 

Monaco's Princess Charlene Announces NFT Collection

The charity specializes in providing support to South African children in need. It was noted that during the creation of the project, Sénéchal-Senekal voluntarily fasted, which is on theme with the mission behind the initiative. 

“Thank you to the artist @junaidssart who put his heart and soul into this creation, as well as his health for fasting for the entire duration of this work. What he experienced is a tragic reality for many and something most take for granted everyday. It highlights the importance of this project,” the Princess said on her official Instagram page. 

An official release date for the collection has not yet been announced but they are expected to go on sale in the near future. This is yet another example of both NFTs being used for a charitable cause and also being used to sell artwork. 

In the case of the former, we’ve seen several NFT collections, such as the one released by the Ukraine government, that are used for non-profit fundraising purposes. In the case of the latter, NFTs have become the darling of the art world, with many top creators releasing their works as NFTs and earning a living that way. 

The Power of Royal NFTs

While this collection is not necessarily the first of its kind, it is one of the first times we are seeing a member of royalty get involved with NFTs. Naturally, this lends a certain level of credibility to the industry, as well as visibility overall.

Monaco, and its royal family, are seen as the pinnacle of wealth and prestige and NFTs being used by a member would grant them some sort of validation among the public. 

NFTs are also fast becoming the hottest item for charitable purposes. In the past, artworks being auctioned for charity was quite common and now that digital art via NFTs is the popular thing in the art world, a natural shift towards them has happened.


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