Netflix Show Sends Users on NFT Scavenger Hunt

While there are many companies that are taking the leap to invest in blockchain, including Starbucks and Ubisoft, one of the more interesting developments have come from Netflix. 

Just last month, it was reported that Netflix was releasing an NFT collection to coincide with the release of Stranger Things season 4. These NFTs were to be tied to the characters and events within the series and seemed indicative of the company exploring NFT capabilities.

Now, we have yet another NFT-related development from Netflix and this time, a scavenger hunt. Yes, you read that right.

Spot the NFTs

This new NFT development isn’t related to Stranger Things but another Netflix show, Love, Death, and Robots. The show, which premiered its third season in May 2022, is apparently littered with nine unique NFTs for fans to find. 

These NFTs are not being sold on a marketplace or official website but are in the episodes themselves, as well as on billboards. The official Twitter handle of the show confirmed this on May 20, 2022, and more details have emerged about this. 

“9 pieces of art. 9 codes. the hunt begins  #lovedeathandart,” the tweet from the account says.

Netflix Show Sends Users on NFT Scavenger Hunt

This NFT launch is in collaboration with Feature, a Web3-focused company, and will see 9 NFTs that come with scannable bar codes. Once users find these bar codes and scan them, they will be able to redeem NFTs on OpeSea. 

These NFTs, however, are limited only to viewers in the U.S and gas fees for the Ethereum-based assets will need to be paid for as well. Since this announcement, eagle-eyed fans of the show have been pointing out on social media which episodes or scenes have the NFTs hidden 

NFTs and Audience Participation 

This development from Netflix is very significant because it marks perhaps the first time that NFTs are used for scavenger hunts on this level and by a company this visible. Besides Netflix’s apparent fascination with NFTs these days, this also shows the ways that they can be leveraged to increase audience participation.

Small hidden details, which are often called Easter eggs, are some of the most exciting parts of popular media. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example, has built a global following of people who religiously lookout for Easter eggs and discuss them with others. 

By incorporating NFTs into episodes, the show not only fosters more audience participation (with those who discuss the placement of the assets) but makes sure that NFTs are firmly placed into the mix.

If this sort of NFT use is applied to other hit shows, they could firmly become a part of pop culture interactions. Fans of shows could watch, devices in hand, eagerly looking to spot the next NFT QR code as well as the next appearance by a crossover character. 

The financial gain aside, this could mean NFTs’ potential for practical cultural contributions could be highlighted for the world to see on the big and small screens.


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