Snoop Dogg to Open NFT restaurant 

While many celebrities are getting into NFTs these days, few seem quite as committed to it as rapper Snoop Dogg. Not only has he spent quite a bit of money buying pieces from top collections but he has also released his own NFT-based projects. 

Now, he is adding another achievement to his long list; launching an NFT-themed restaurant. The rapper recently announced a new collaboration with the company Food Fighter’s Universe to release an NFT-focused dessert restaurant called Dr Bombay’s Sweet Exploration.

The Sweet Taste of NFTs

Anyone hearing this sort of news might be shocked that an NFT-focused restaurant is even a possibility. But surprisingly, it isn’t even a new concept per se. 

An NFT restaurant called Bored & Hungry, which is inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, already exists in Los Angeles. The city will also be home to Snoop Dogg’s new restaurant which will offer what it calls ‘an immersive retail dessert experience’. 

If the restaurant is to be anything like its predecessor, it will feature decor, art, and maybe even dishes that are based around the Bored Ape Yacht Club. There are also plans to release rare NFTs that will unlock experiences at the restaurant once it opens. 

Snoop Dogg to Open NFT restaurant 

One thing to note about these projects, however, is that they are not ‘officially’ associated with the Bored Ape Club in the typical sense. 

If an entrepreneur were to create a Disney-themed restaurant, for example, they would need the permission of the Disney corporation to do so. But in the case of Bored & Hungry and the upcoming  Dr Bombay’s Sweet Exploration, no such permission is needed.

This is because their creators own Bored Ape NFTs and with this ownership comes the power to use the name, image, and likeness of their asset. In fact, Snoop Dogg’s NFT is nicknamed Dr Bombay and his ownership gives him full control of it. 

This is similar to the issue that comedian Seth Green faced after his Bored Ape was stolen and he has found himself unable to proceed with an upcoming TV series. Hopefully, Snoop Dogg and his partners will not suffer from similar issues.

NFTs and the Restaurant Scene 

For decades, franchised and themed restaurants have been popular in the restaurant scene throughout the world. This has led to restaurants centred around movies, TV shows, and various franchises. 

Now it seems that NFTs might be the next big thing, or at least, this is what the team behind the restaurant is hoping for. 

“Food Fighters Universe is bridging food and Web3 and blazing a trail with real-life utility for NFTs. It’s the future of the restaurant industry, and my dad and I are thrilled to join the team and utilize their expertise to bring Dr. Bombay to life,” says Cordell Broadus, Snoop Dogg’s son, who is a part of the project.

Who knows, perhaps pilgrimage to NFT-themed restaurants will be a popular thing among NFT lovers the same way Disneyland is for fans of its franchises.


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