Pepsi Launches NFT Collection

Pepsi is perhaps one of the most recognisable brands in the world, with millions of people enjoying its namesake products and others under the company umbrella. When a brand has achieved this level of popularity around the world, it only makes sense that it would invest in innovative projects. 

Now, Pepsi India has announced a new NFT collection which marks its first foray into the web3 space. This collection is called the ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ collection and was designed in collaboration with illustrator Timea Balo. Along with the NFT collection, Pepsi India will be hosting a competition for those who want to win one of these digital assets. 

Pepsi Embraces NFTs

This new NFT collection features 20 assets, all of which were minted on the Polygon blockchain. The theme of this collection appears to be self-expression and all the visuals revolve around the ‘zero’ image that is associated with Pepsi Black. 

Several different designs have already been made public by Pepsi and each features a circular logo of sorts that uses the classic Pepsi colours of black, red, white, and blue. These designs also seem to have individual themes such as fashion, dance, environment, music, social, creativity, and games. 

Pepsi Launches NFT Collection

The entire collection will not only be listed on OpenSea but Pepsi lovers will be able to win some for themselves by participating in the  #PepsiBlackeffect challenge which is being hosted on the social media platform Moj. Within the app, a lens has been created specifically for the challenge and fans can enter by showing off their personalities with it. 

NFTs and the Youth

So far, this campaign has also been touted as a way for the company to better connect with the youth who are the most NFT-leaning demographic. From the visuals and ethos of the campaign to the fact that it is NFT-based, Pepsi’s management has made the mission clear. 

“Our endeavour is to transform our product as well as our narratives to align with the evolving youth. Our foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the Indian consumers is a testimony of the same belief. The ‘Pepsi Black Zero Sugar’ NFT collection will personify and bring alive the world of Pepsi Black by leveraging passion points which resonate the most with the youngsters today,” said Saumya Rathor, Category Lead, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India. 

Additionally, Tanu Sinha, the Design Director for PepsiCo India, said that the brand has always been at the forefront of disruptive technology and movements and that as the world evolves, the brand plans to evolve with it and connect with the younger generation. 
Stats already show that younger people are the biggest buyers of NFTs and as such, it makes sense that consumer brands like Pepsi want to meet them where they are with NFT-centered projects. Pepsi is not the first to do so (Starbucks and Taco Bell, for example, have already done so) and if NFTs continue on their current trajectory, it will not be the last either.


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